Zeebetron: How to Manage Multiple Zeebe Profiles with Electron


If you are using Zeebe to automate your business processes, you may need to work with different Zeebe brokers depending on your project, environment, or client. However, switching between different Zeebe profiles can be tedious and error-prone, especially if you have to manually edit configuration files or environment variables.

That’s why I created a small Electron app that allows you to easily manage and switch between different Zeebe profiles. This app lets you create, edit, and delete Zeebe profiles, and automatically sets the appropriate environment variables for each profile. This way, you can communicate with any Zeebe broker without hassle.

In this article, I will show you how to use this app and how it can make your life easier when working with Zeebe. You will learn how to:

Let’s get started!

typescript nodejs angular electron camunda zeebe
Published on 2020-01-07, last updated on 2024-04-21 by Adam
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Adam Urban

Adam Urban is fullstack engineer, loves serverless and generative art, and is building side projects like weeklyfoo.com, flethy.com and diypunks.xyz in his free time.