urban weekly #9

urban weekly #9

Good to know

Need a PRNG? Use a CSPRNG - Random numbers, but better. random, rags
Unexpected upsides of building a hard startup - Hard startups story startups
Retries - An interactive study of common retry methods http requests, retries
Understanding Deep Learning - Free book about deep learning deep learning
The best inventions of 2023 - 200 innovations changing how we live inventions
Demystifying Web Push Notifications - All about web push web push
Just Ship, Baby - No excuses not to ship delivery
HTML Dom - Code snippets to manipulate the DOM dom
Node Chardet - Character encoding detection tool for NodeJS encoding, nodejs
Leaked GPTs - List of leaked GPTs ai, gpt
Weird HTML Hacks - 10 hacky website coding strategies hacks, web
Writing Documentation for Your House - Never thought about it, but makes totally sense. docs
Astro 4.0 Beta Release - Beta of next major version of Astro astro
Announcing Deno Cron - Scheduled function invocations deno, cron
Firefox Developer Edition and Beta: Try out Mozilla’s .deb package! - Firefox new deb package firefox, linux
Tech predictions for 2024 and beyond - I love predictions ;) 2024, predictions
The evolving landscape of API protocols in 2023 - Nice overview about api protocols api, protocols
6 tiny wording tweaks to level up your communication as a software engineer - 6 small tipps communication

Code and Tools

IP Guide - Your guide to internet numbers ips
UI Faces - A growing library of free, AI-generated, high-resolution avatars for design mockups, thoughtfully curated to suit all your creative needs faces
Colour Contrast Checker - a11y color checker a11y
Secretlint - Pluggable linting tool to prevent committing credential. linters, secrets
AWS lite - simple, extremely fast, extensible Node.js client for interacting with AWS aws, nodejs
Process Compose - Process Compose is a simple and flexible scheduler and orchestrator to manage non-containerized applications. orchestrator
Grimoire - Bookmark manager for the wizards bookmarks
Biome - A toolchain for web projects, aimed to provide functionalities to maintain them. Biome offers formatter and linter, usable via CLI and LSP. linters, formatters
CSS Animotion - CSS Animations with No-Code css, animations
jaq - A jq clone focussed on correctness, speed, and simplicity json, cli
llamafile - Distribute and run LLMs with a single file. ai, llama
Beautiful-tree - Beautiful-Tree is a lightweight & flexible library to draw trees as SVG images. react, svg
svg.io - Text prompt to SVG ai, svg
Guthub wrapped - Metrics around your github profile github
qdorks - Composing Advanced Google Queries, made easy. google, search
Free Profile Picture Generator - Provided by HeadshotPro ai, pfp
quivr - Your GenAI Second Brain ai, second brain

All about Design

Emailspiration - The best emails, hand picked by the team building Audienceful. emails, templates
An accessible website won’t be beautiful… really?! - Tipps about a11y with lots of useful tools a11y
Crafting A Killer Brand Identity For A Digital Product - How to create a brand identity brand
Reddit Sans - The typeface of the internet. fonts
Cookie Permissions 101 - Cookie permissions need to follow the law and strike the balance between respecting user privacy and being user-friendly. cookies, consent
Marbla - Marbla is an experimental display typeface exploring the possibilities of variable fonts to change the mood and personality of a typeface. fonts
Microsoft Paint’s OpenAI-powered ‘Cocreator’ image generator is here - Paint with DALL-E ai, microsoft, paint


10 JavaScript changes you missed in 2023 - Watch it, just around 6 minutes javascript
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