urban weekly #8

urban weekly #8

Good to know

Microsoft hires former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman - What a rollercoaster story microsoft, altman
The "best" way to manage icons in React.js - Never heard of svg sprites before, but sounds very useful! svg
Friends Don't Let Friends Make Bad Graphs - Friends don't let friends make certain types of data visualization - What are they and why are they bad. graphs
Meta’s new AI milestone: Emu Video and Emu Edit set to revolutionize text-to-video generation and image editing - Emu Video emu
An Interactive Guide to CSS Grid - Beautiful introduction to css grids. css, grids
Email obfuscation: What still works in 2023? - Simple tweaks help a lot. email
Software you are thankful for - Users list of useful software they use Software

Code and Tools

Victor Mono - Programming font fonts
libav.js - This is a compilation of the libraries associated with handling audio and video in ffmpeg—libavformat, libavcodec, libavfilter, libavutil, libswresample, and libswscale—for emscripten, and thus the web. wasm
SVG Icons CLI - Automatically generate an SVG sprite sheet svg, svg-sprite
PDFKit - A JavaScript PDF generation library for Node and the browser. pdf, node
github-script - Write workflows scripting the GitHub API in JavaScript github actions
RevealJS - Presentation with html slide decks, presentations
linkinator - Scurry around your site and find all those broken links. links, urls
Autodraw - Draw something and an AI tries to replace it by a good drawing ai, draw
Typist - Tiptap based rich text editor editor, react
Starlight - Everything you need to build a stellar documentation website. Fast, accessible, and easy-to-use. docs, astro
Spectral.js - Spectral.js is a paint like color mixing library. colors
Piscina - A fast, efficient Node.js Worker Thread Pool implementation nodejs, threads
12ft - Remove popups, banners, and ads from any website. browsing
wevm - TypeScript tooling for Ethereum eth, typescript
Logo Diffusion - Create Logos in Seconds With Generative A.I ai, logos

All about Design

The Looking Glass: How to tell if work is beautiful - What is beauty? Why is nature beautiful? The case for making beautiful things beautiful
The best web design inspiration - Browse the best of the internet. Hand-picked and updated daily. websites
Inter 4.0 - Next version of the popular font. fonts
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Adam Urban

Adam Urban is fullstack engineer, loves serverless and generative art, and is building side projects in his free time. Latest projects are flethy.com, ethme.at and diypunks.xyz.