urban weekly #7

urban weekly #7

Good to know

67 Weird Debugging Tricks Your Browser Doesn't Want You to Know - A list of useful, not-obvious hacks to get the most out of your browser’s1 debugger. Assumes an intermediate-level-or-higher understanding of the developer tools. debugging
HTML First - It's like going back to the roots html
URL explained - The Fundamentals - Differences between URI, URL, URN, and URC. url
READme or READ-meh? 4 Tips & Tools to engage - Good tips! readme
The Tech Stack of a One-Man SaaS - I love these insights saas, tech
Inside OpenAI: How does ChatGPT Ship So Quickly? - Since it arrived a year ago, ChatGPT has been shipping at breakneck speed. ai, openai
Node.js CLI Apps Best Practices - The largest Node.js CLI Apps best practices list nodejs, cli
Four Kinds of Optimisation - Good read! optimisation
My Journey to 3x Faster Builds: Trimming Barrel File Imports - Optimize your imports! imports
Google Search will let you leave and read ‘Notes’ on web pages - Sticky notes everywhere ;) google
Wasm By Example - Hands-on introduction to WebAssembly wasm
A faster web in 2024 - Good views! web, 2024
Vite 5.0 is out! - Next major version of Vite! vite
Prettier 3.1: New experimental ternaries formatting and Angular control flow syntax! - New minor version of prettier prettier
Navigating around in your shell - If you're using the shell, read this blog post. shell
Planning for unplanned work - All about the intro and outro of unplanned work. planning
Introducing Pitch 2.0: The future of visual business - Pitch is such a wonderful tool, now with AI pitch, ai

Read it! Read it! Read it!

The Architecture Behind A One-Person Tech Startup - Super nice, very smart! saas
How to scale a large codebase - Good advices by Vercel, lots of things I'm personally also do since ages. Nevertheless a good read! structure, codebase
Traits I Value - by the CTO of Meta traits, values

Code and Tools

deck.gallery - We curate nicely designed decks, slides, keynotes, guidelines — or whatever you call them. slide decks
usehooks-ts - React hook library, ready to use, written in Typescript. react, typescript
draw-a-ui - Draw a mockup and generate html for it tldraw, ai, html, tailwind
wavefront - Typeface for rendering waveform/data fonts, charts
Loro - Make your app state synchronized and collaborative effortlessly. Powered by CRDTs (Conflict-free replicated data type). Built for local-first software. crdt, loro
Recraft - Generative AI for professional design images, ai
getmac - Get the mac address of the current machine you are on via Node.js nodejs, mac
GPT Crawler - Crawl a site to generate knowledge files to create your own custom GPT from a URL ai, gpt, crawler
xmind copilot - Mindmaps with AI ai, mindmaps
react-datasheet-grid - An Airtable-like / Excel-like component to create beautiful spreadsheets. react, table, grid
Plasmic - Plasmic is an open-source platform for building production-grade apps, websites, and content incredibly fast, without compromise. Integrate with existing codebases. Break through the low-code ceiling. no-code
visx - visx a collection of expressive, low-level visualization primitives for React visualization
perfect-freehand - Super nice small app to quickly draw something images, vector, svg
ribbon-shapes - Get a CSS-only Ribbon Shape made with a single-element and customizable using CSS variables. css, ribbon
bug - A new way of working with Protocol Buffers. proto buffers
denoKV - A self-hosted backend for Deno KV deno
Plasmo - The Browser Extension Framework browser extensions
Screenshots to Code - Drop in a screenshot and convert it to clean HTML/Tailwind/JS code ai, code, screenshots
draw my ui - That's really really cool - use tldraw to draw a UI, set your OpenAPI key and see how it becomes real. ai, tldraw
vercel style guide - prettier, eslint und typescript config from vercel prettier, eslint, typescript
SVG Company Logos - A free collection of popular SaaS company logos in SVG format. Copy to your clipboard or download in SVG format. svg, logos
knock - Knock is flexible, reliable notifications infrastructure that's built to scale with you. notifications

All about Design

Storefront - We curate the best digital storefronts on the internet. websites
HTMLrev - 1000+ free HTML templates websites, templates
Performing a Web Accessibility Audit - We all know accessibility is critical, but where to start? An audit will point you in the right direction. a11y


Nyan cat coworker - Nyan cat!!! meow


Glowy Border Shimmer Button - Looks hot! css, javascript
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