urban weekly #6

urban weekly #6

Good to know

Habits of great software engineers - A list of eight ;) habits
Product/Market Fit: Experience & Data - Companies that achieve Product/Market Fit – both self-funded and VC-funded – exhibit the same prototypical metrics curves and subjective experiences. pmf
Post Mortem on Cloudflare Control Plane and Analytics Outage - I always like it if post mortems are made publicly available. cloudflare
Was Rust Worth It? - From JavaScript to Rust, three years in. rust
Announcing WinterJS - The most performant JavaScript Service Workers server thanks to Rust and SpiderMonkey wasm, winterjs
How to convince your management to refactor software - Refactoring your software is an important step that needs to be done regularly. Some good advices how to convince your management about it. refactoring
Angular.dev - The future home of Angular angular
Bluesky SQLite - Each user uses its own sqlite database locally bluesky, sqlite
Kubernetes: When and How to Apply It - K8s overview k8s, kubernetes
web-gl fluid simulation - super nice playground webgl
The Ultimate Interactive JQ Guide - Learn how to search, query, and modify JSON data with 25 interactive jq examples and explainations json, jq
Microservices aren't the problem. Incompetent people are - Oh yeah people
Introducing Angular v17 - Next major version of Angular angular
Don’t Build AI Products The Way Everyone Else Is Doing It - If you want to build AI products that are unique, valuable, and fast, don't do what everybody else is doing. ai
It's all just leadership after all - Managers and senior individual contributors: it's all the same. managers, leadership
tech-interview-handbook - Curated coding interview preparation materials for busy software engineers hiring, interview
Deno 1.38 - HTML doc generator and HMR deno

Read it! Read it! Read it!

Sam Altman: Productivity - I love to learn how others get more productive. Here's one by Sam Altman. productivity

Code and Tools

uicons - A growing icon library with a range of unusual styles. icons
Shoelace - A forward-thinking library of web components. web components
xAI PromptIDE - Integrated development environment for prompt engineering and interpretability research ai, xai
uxsniff - Revolutionize User Experience Insights with AI-Powered UXsniff ux, ai
Highstorm - Open Source Event Monitoring analytics, events
image-dimensions - Get the dimensions of an image images, nodejs, javascript
log-update - Log by overwriting the previous output in the terminal. Useful for rendering progress bars, animations, etc. nodejs, javascript
node-llama-cpp - Run AI models locally on your machine with node.js bindings for llama.cpp. Force a JSON schema on the model output on the generation level nodejs, ai
inshellisense - IDE style command line auto complete terminal
Ahrefs Webmaster Tools - Improve your website’s SEO performance and get more traffic from search. Free for website owners. seo
Typescale - Tool to play with type scales fonts, typography
Pebblely - Create Instagram-worthy photos for any product with the click of a button images, photos, instagram
3DIcons - Beautifully crafted open source 3D icons icons, 3d
Button.cool - collection of free buttons to copy & paste in your project, made in codepen by awesome people buttons
DFlex - A Drag-and-Drop library for all JavaScript frameworks dnd
Vectorizer.AI - Trace Pixels To Vectors in Full Color vector, ai
tauri-tray-app - Starter project for developing desktop app with tray status using Tauri, React, Tailwind CSS, Typescript, and Vite. tauri, react, starter
sonner - An opinionated toast component for React. toast, react
yousign - Yousign is the easy-to-use, legally binding eSignature solution for all your documents. signing
Tech Stack File - Interesting idea to show everything what is in your repo tech, repo
sshx - A secure web-based, collaborative terminal terminal, share
animated icons - 1100+ Animated Icons for the Modern Web icons
moveable - Moveable! Draggable! Resizable! Scalable! Rotatable! Warpable! Pinchable! Groupable! Snappable! typescript
capture-website - Capture screenshots of websites screenshots
Minisearch - Tiny and powerful JavaScript full-text search engine for browser and Node typescript, nodejs, javascript
spacekit - Spacekit is an open-source JavaScript library for creating interactive 3D space visualizations - whether of the Earth/moon system, solar system, or beyond. javascript
Svelte Flow - A customizable Svelte component for building node-based editors and interactive diagrams by the creators of React Flow svelte, flows
monaspace - An innovative superfamily of fonts for code fonts
nango - A single API for all your integrations. api, integration
react-google-maps - React component and hooks library for Google Maps react, google maps
Domainr - Really fast search for domains domains
Undercase Type - Nice fonts fonts
Shape Divider - Create custom shape dividers css, dividers
yearmonth.day - Super simple and clean calendar web app calendars

All about Design

50 fonts that will be popular with designers in 2024 - Which typefaces are going to be hot in the year to come? fonts
Landbook - website design inspiration gallery websites


wasmer - Run, Publish & Deploy any code - anywhere wasm, faas


Building AI Applications with LangChain and Node.js - Thanks Julian Duque! ai, nodejs, landchain
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