urban weekly #41

urban weekly #41

Good to know

How to fix slow loading apps - How often have you worked on a slow javascript web app that randomly just seemed to slow to a crawl when loading for users? performance
Get your work recognized - Write a brag document. accomplishments
Reverse Engineering TicketMaster's Rotating Barcodes (SafeTix) - Experiences by using the Ticketmaster bar codes. reverse-engineering
Moving from express to fastify, pt 1 - Fastify as an very good alternative to express. express, fastify
pnpm 9.5 Introduces Catalogs - Shareable Dependency Version Specifiers - pnpm 9.5 introduces a Catalogs feature, enabling shareable dependency version specifiers, reducing merge conflicts and improving support for monorepos. pnpm
What is Old is New Again - The past 18 months have seen major change reshape the tech industry. What does this mean for businesses, dev teams, and what will pragmatic software engineering approaches look like, in the future? engineering
Deactivating an API, One Step at a Time - How do you make sure all consumers stop using an API so you can safely deactivate it? apis
Don’t use booleans - Bold statement with a lot of truth in it engineering
Total TypeScript Essentials - Essentials is a book for devs of all levels to learn advanced type manipulation and real-world application development patterns in TypeScript. typescript, learning
1 dataset 100 visualizations - Can we come up with 100 visualizations from one simple dataset? visualizations
CSS One-Liners to Improve (Almost) Every Project - A collection of simple one-line CSS solutions to add little improvements to any web page. css
Speeding up the JavaScript ecosystem - Isolated Declarations - TypeScript's new isolated declaration feature is a game changer for sharing code among developers. typescript
Mako is Now Open Source - Mako is an “extremely fast” and “production-grade” front-end build tool, based on Rust. packaging
code-pen Web Component - The best way I learn code is by trying it out for myself, which often means I'm reaching for my favourite online live code editor CodePen. Wouldn't be cool if you could wrap code blocks in a single Web Component which then allows people to open that code block in the CodePen editor? Well now you can. code
Unique New Vesting Schedules - Tech shifts away from the standard 4-year evenly spread vesting schedule vesting
How we use friction logs to improve products at Stripe - Friction logging is a practice that can be used by engineering teams building products to track and improve upon issues that users experience while using a product. improvements

Read it! Read it! Read it!

Notes for new hires - Includes the advice to use friction and brag logs. career
How to Help Underperformers - On systemic performance, the accountability dial, feedback, and the underperformance checklist. career

Code and Tools

threedsvg - Instantly Convert Any SVG to a 3D Logo svg
QuickJS - A typescript package to execute javascript code in a webassembly quickjs sandbox sandbox
BeaconDB - public domain wireless geolocation database geo
Handy Arrows - A customizable gallery of hand-drawn arrow SVGs that can be easily copied as SVG code or React components for use in your projects. svgs
Explainer for the Prompt API - A proposal for a web API for prompting browser-provided language models ai
Onlook - The open source, local-first Webflow alternative. Design directly in your live React site and publish your changes to code. pages
SQL Studio - SQL Database Explorer [SQLite, libSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, DuckDB, ClickHouse] databases
Incidental - An opensource incident management platform integrating with Slack. incidents
Public APIs - A collective list of free APIs apis
milliparsec - Tiniest body parser in the universe. Built for modern Node.js parser
Parallel DOM - Multithreaded DOM is possible. dom
tegon - Tegon is an open-source, AI-first alternative to Jira, Linear projects
Discover the base building blocks of any website - Get the colors, icons, and fonts from any website in seconds. Great for sparking new design ideas! design
Braille-Tools - CSS and Javascript to display Braille grade 1 in web pages (for sighted people). braille
Tailkits - Premium & free Tailwind CSS templates, UI Kits, and components to build modern websites faster. tailwind
dotUI - Accessible, mobile friendly, modern UI components. ui
CodeMirror - Development repository for the CodeMirror editor project editors
Posting - The modern API client that lives in your terminal. http

All about Design

The Only 8 Fonts You Will Ever Need - The first three fonts are new to me, but the other ones are classic. fonts
Dark Patterns Hall of Shame - Protect your online privacy and rights by learning about dark patterns and unethical designs. Stay informed and avoid manipulation in the digital world. dar-patterns
The Magic of Clip Path - clip-path is often used for trimming a DOM node into specific shapes, like triangles. But what if I told you that it's also great for animations? css


HTMX - Why You Don't Always Need a SPA Framework - NDC Sydney 2024 htmx
The software engineering industry in 2024 - what changed in 2 years, why, and what is next - Keynote at Craft Conference 2024 engineering
Advanced HTML for Good Developers - NDC Sydney 2024 html
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