urban weekly #40

urban weekly #40

Good to know

window.ai - running AI LOCALLY from DevTools! - This will go wild as soon as available for all. ai, chrome
A Git story - Not so fun this time - Rise of Git (and GitHub) git
Serving a billion web requests with boring code - This is the way to go. All the boring tech is the foundation of all the robust software. engineering
Top paying technologies - Zig is the highest-paid language to know this year (a new addition), while Clojure gets knocked from the top spot with a 10% decrease from 2022. survey, salaries
Lessons From 20 Years Hacking MySQL (Part 1) - Very entertaining! engineering
My programming beliefs as of July 2024 - This is a collection of things I believe about computer programming as of today. It’s based on my own experience. engineering
Web Performance Guide - Here's everything you need to know to master website monitoring, analytics, and diagnostics. performance
The many faces of undefined in JavaScript - There are too many ways to represent unknown or missing data and this can lead to defects. javascript
Cloudflare debuts one-click nuke of web-scraping AI - Take that for ignoring robots.txt! cloudflare, bots
Your Company's Problem is Hiding in Plain Sight - High Work-In-Progress (WIP) - You Need Lazy People to Have Restless Features performance
How to Annul Promises in JavaScript - Creating Cancelable Tasks in JavaScript with Promise.withResolvers and AbortController javascript, promises
TypeScript 5.5 - A Blockbuster Release - Lots of new features in the next minor release typescript
You’re Closer Than You Think - The Only 6 DNS Concepts You Really Need - DNS explained. dns
The saddest Just Ship It story ever - IndieHacker story about benji! indie
Eponymous Laws - Some observations that might ring true engineering

Read it! Read it! Read it!

Numbers To Know For Managing (Software Teams) - This is a collection of very true topics, written in a very entertaining way. management

Code and Tools

Pikimov - Online motion design and video editor video
Docmost - Docmost is an open source collaborative documentation and wiki software. It is an open-source alternative to the likes of Confluence and Notions. docs, collaboration
Solid Toast - Create beautiful, customizable toasts with Solid JS notifications, toast
doggo - Command-line DNS Client for Humans. Written in Golang cli
squirrelly - Semi-embedded JS template engine that supports helpers, filters, partials, and template inheritance. 4KB minzipped, written in TypeScript templating
fast-json-stringify - 2x faster than JSON.stringify() stringify, json
Mako - An extremely fast, production-grade web bundler based on Rust. bundler
SmoothMQ - A drop-in replacement for SQS designed for great developer experience and efficiency. queues, sqs
Changesets - A way to manage your versioning and changelogs with a focus on monorepos changelog
Search HackerNews - A search engine for HackerNews search
React Ace - A set of react components for Ace (Editor) react
lets form - A JSON form generator for React with Material UI / AntDesign / Bootstrap / RSuite / Mantine react, forms
H5Web - React components for data visualization and exploration visualization
GridStack - Build interactive dashboards in minutes. grids, dashboards
Flitter - Flitter is a powerful framework inspired by Flutter, supporting both SVG and Canvas to create high-performance graphics and user interfaces. visualizations
MSHR - A collection of 208 vanilla CSS mesh gradients free for you to use in any of your projects. css, gradients
json.bash - Command-line tool and bash library that creates JSON json
bwip-js - Barcode Writer in Pure JavaScript barcode
Superstruct - A simple and composable way to validate data in JavaScript (and TypeScript). validation
Termino.js - Create a web based terminal on any website - great for games, animations and real world apps! terminal
0xtools - X-Ray vision for Linux systems cli, performance

All about Design

The country where design is dominated by women - Unlike in most parts of the world, Iceland's design scene is overwhelmingly female. equality
The time for designers to learn to code is now - With design tools further commoditising and sanitising expected creative output, the time for designers to be able to stand out is very much here. coding


535 ways to reload the page with JavaScript - Javascript is such a joy javascript
sliderland - a minimalist coding playground sliders


Profiling Node.js Applications - Learn how to profile your node app. performance
How to Perform Data Validation in Node.js - By using the express validation middleware. validation
CSS Surprise Manga Lines - When a manga or anime character is surprised, lines focus on and highlight their face. Is it possible to create a similar effect with HTML and CSS? css
Practical Deep Learning for Coders - A free course designed for people with some coding experience, who want to learn how to apply deep learning and machine learning to practical problems. ai


How Vercel Works - With Malte Ubl, we deep dived into how Vercel works as a team, what could developer experience look like, and the future of AI-enabled applications. vercel
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