urban weekly #4

urban weekly #4

Good to know

The Startup CTO Handbook - Essential skills and best practices for high performing engineering teams book, cto, tech
What Every Developer Should Know About GPU Computing - A primer on GPU architecture and computing gpu
Continuous growth in tech: 50+ Resources I swear by as a Senior Software Engineer - wow, 50 resources! tech, up2date
The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses actually make the future look cool - While Meta hasn’t reinvented the category, it’s nailed the execution. But culturally, is the timing right for smart glasses? glasses
How TechCrunch Spent $1 Million Rebuilding Their Website - 500k for engineering, that's tough redesign
Base64 Encoding, Explained - Good to know! ;) base64
Release: Yarn 4.0 - I completely switched to pnpm, but good to know! yarn
A comprehensive list of 2023 tech layoffs - January was really bad layoffs
The Ideation Flywheel - A mental model for deciding which startup ideas to pursue, and how to pursue them. ideas
Become a better engineer by working on side projects - This will increase your knowledge substantially! grow
Goodbye, Node.js Buffer - It's time to move from Buffer to Uint8Array. node, buffer
The nine best recommendations in the new React docs - If you're building react apps: read it! react
Where are all the laid-off software developers going? - Many are becoming their own boss! layoffs
Next 14 - Next Next major release next
MDX3 - Next MDX major release mdx
Why I Won't Use Next.js - Always like opinions by Kent Dodds, I'm on the same page! next, react, remix

Read it! Read it! Read it!

We have used too many levels of abstractions and now the future looks bleak - good advice! tech
Refactoring has a price. Not refactoring has a cost. Either way, you pay. - Next time you thing about refactoring your code base remember this refactoring
Meet Nightshade, the new tool allowing artists to ‘poison’ AI models with corrupted training data - Game on! ai, nightshade
The Three Cs: 🤝 Concatenate, 🗜️ Compress, 🗳️ Cache - There are also more Cs in the post ;) performance
Internet Artifacts - sweet memories... history, internet

Code and Tools

Durable - Build a website in 30 seconds with AI. website builder, ai
tl;dv - The meeting recorder that transcribes & summarizes your calls with customers, prospects, and your team. transcription
Microsoft Designer - Create stunning designs lightning-fast with AI image, ai
Hackreels - Animate your code, in HD code, animations
remotion - Make videos programmatically. video, react
Pallyy - Social media management platform for growing brands and agencies social media
unjs - Unleash JavaScript's Potential with the UnJS Ecosystem javascript
CSS Size Analyzer - Analyze CSS size and catch bloat like embedded images or fonts. css, size
termshot - Creates screenshots based on terminal command output screenshots, terminal
react-magic-motion - react.js library that ✨ magically animates your components react, animations
Protomaps - A free and open source map of the world maps
ColPat - AI meets color ai, colors
Unrevealed - New feature flag service featureflags
background-removal-js - Remove backgrounds from images directly in the browser environment with ease and no additional costs or privacy concerns. images, bg
whatsapp-bot - A simple and easy-to-use WhatsApp bot project, written in TypeScript. bot, whatsapp
openai-node - The official Node.js / Typescript library for the OpenAI API ai, openai, node
Effect - Effect is a powerful TypeScript library designed to help developers easily create complex, synchronous, and asynchronous programs. typescript
OpenAPI DevTools - Effortlessly discover API behaviour with a Chrome extension that automatically generates OpenAPI specifications in real time for any app or website openapi, chrome, api
clipboardy - Access the system clipboard (copy/paste) clipboard, node, javascript, browser
Perspective - Perspective is an interactive analytics and data visualization component, which is especially well-suited for large and/or streaming datasets. charts, visualization
Pollen - The CSS variables build system css, variables
Color Spectrum - Generate color palettes and apply instantly colors
LensGo - AI Image generation ai, images

All about Design

AppMotion - Explore the best, hand-picked app motion design animation
Dark - The best hand-picked dark themed websites on the internet. dark theme
Accessible Numbers - Presenting numbers and data clearly. a11y
Avoid too light fonts in typography - Nothing more to add ;) fonts
Changing Colors in an SVG Element Using CSS and JavaScript - Nothing totally new, but a nice wrap up css, svg
cccolor - HEX, RGB & HSL color picker colors
Color contrast accessibility tools with examples - a11y! a11y, colors
404 Illustrations - Trendy, ready to use images for your 404 page 404
verto.sh - verto.sh simplifies your entry into the open-source world by curating accessible projects. a11y
Geist - New font by vercel fonts


Pong on Chrome dev tools - Nothing more to say ;) game, pong
bad-licenses - A compendium of absurd open-source licenses. licenses
Redditors are competing to design the most asinine volume sliders - old but gold! volume control
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