urban weekly #39

urban weekly #39

Good to know

Exposition of Frontend Build Systems - Overview of modern tooling around frontend builds. ci
Getting 100% code coverage doesn't eliminate bugs - TL;DR - Getting 100% coverage on a project doesn’t mean you have zero bugs. Here is an extreme example to prove it. tests
How my weekend project turned into a 3 years journey - Nice read about an idea that started to rise. znote, startups
New JavaScript Set methods - New JavaScript Set methods are arriving! Since Firefox 127, these methods are available in most major browser engines, which means you won't need a polyfill to make them work everywhere. javascript
Local, first, forever - Thinking about a persistence service that stays longer than the average service. local-first
Resilient Sync for Local First - Syncing data in a local first context is not trivial but manageable. local-first
Microfeatures I Love in Blogs and Personal Websites - Sidenotes, TOC, reading progress - lots of things I never considered. But it's worth thinking about integrating some of them. blogs
Useful and Overlooked Skills - On his way to be sworn in as the most powerful man in the world, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had to be lifted out of his car and carried up the stairs. career
Node.js is Here to Stay - A deep dive into the metrics node
Catching Compromised Cookies - How we automatically detect stolen session cookies slack, sessions
My spiciest take on tech hiring - ...is that you only need to administer one technical interview and one non-technical interview (each no more than an hour long). career, hiring
Polyfill supply chain attack hits 100K+ sites - The new Chinese owner of the popular Polyfill JS project injects malware into more than 100 thousand sites. security
Exploring Randomness In JavaScript - Math.random() and Crypto.getRandomValues() compared. random
gRPC - The Bad Parts - Downsides of gRPC grpc
Maintaining dotfiles - Will definitely try out this bare repo method. git, dotfiles

Read it! Read it! Read it!

A Rant about Front-end Development - Such an entertaining read! engineering
Unsafe Pricing at Any Scale - Especially the part about blocking AI bots is a mandatory read! serverless
htmx sucks - Such a great read! htmx

Code and Tools

Notion Avatar Maker - A Notion Avatar is a personalized avatar that aligns with the design style of Notion, a widely-used note-taking and organization tool platform. avatars
SpreadGrid - JS library for creating high-performance grid-based applications grids
Anthropic TypeScript API Library - Access to Anthropic's safety-first language model APIs sdk, anthropic
Maneken - The browser powered mockup editor mockups, images
Yazi - Blazing Fast Terminal File Manager cli
Rushlight - Real-time collaborative code editing on your own infrastructure editors
Cache Decorator - A TypeScript library providing a customizable cache decorator for methods. This library allows you to easily cache method results with configurable caching mechanisms. cache
dotenvx - a better dotenv–from the creator of dotenv dotenv
Glasskube - The next generation Package Manager for Kubernetes k8s, kubernetes
Logoipsum - 100 free placeholder logos images
Kaplay - KAPLAY is a JavaScript library that helps you make games fast and fun! games, javascript
Tachyonfx - shader-like effects library for ratatui applications cli
pdfslick - View and Interact with PDFs in React SolidJS, Svelte and JavaScript apps pdf
Snapdrag - A simple, lightweight, and performant drag and drop library for React and vanilla JS dnd
LetterDrop - LetterDrop is a secure and efficient newsletter management service powered by Cloudflare Workers, enabling easy creation, distribution, and subscription management of newsletters. newsletters
Stamp - a mini-language for project templates cli
Refero - Explore real-world designs from the best products ux
ascii-3d-renderer.js - 3D Renderer using ASCII. ascii, 3d
Introducing React-Admin V5 - React boilerplate app under MIT license. react
pixelmatch - The smallest, simplest and fastest JavaScript pixel-level image comparison library images
matter.js - Matter.js is a 2D physics engine for the web physics
Dorkly - Free Open Source Feature Flag system. Dorkly is a git-based open source feature flag backend for LaunchDarkly's open source SDKs. featureflags
MemLab - A framework for finding JavaScript memory leaks and analyzing heap snapshots javascript
dblab - The database client every command line junkie deserves. db, cli
Katana - A next-generation crawling and spidering framework. crawling
OpenStatus - The open-source synthetic & real user monitoring platform monitoring

All about Design

Intro to colour contrast - Colour contrast makes a big part of the user experience for all users. Accessibility guidelines however, are not always easy to follow. In this article we will see how to meet the requirements with practical examples. colors
Designing profile, account, and setting pages for better UX - Account vs Profile, and what content should be included. ux


Securing APIs - Express rate limit and slow down - As soon as an API gets used more frequently, definitely something to consider. express
Pure CSS Circular Text (without Requiring a Monospace Font) - There is no simple and obvious way to set text on a circle in CSS. Good news though! You can create a beautiful, colorful, and even rotating circular text with pure CSS. It just takes a bit of work and we’ll go over that here. css
Popovers Work Pretty Nicely as Slide-Out Drawers - Pretty nice and all with built-in APIs css
Web Workers, Comlink, Vite and TanStack Query - Use case to compute super expensive task. workers


Web Design Engineering With the New CSS - CSS Day 2024 css
Facing Frontend's Existential Crisis - React Summit 2024 frontend
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