urban weekly #37

urban weekly #37

Good to know

Prerender pages in Chrome for instant page navigations - You can use the new specification API in Chrome to pre-render pages. chrome
Morphing Arbitrary Paths in SVG - If you want to learn how to morph shapes in SVGs, this is the article you have to read. svgs
Payments 101 for a Developer - All you need to know about payments. payments
Creating Perfect Font Fallbacks in CSS - Important to have a fallback strategy! fonts
What makes a great contribution to a codebase? - Great summary of what to do if you want to contribute to a code base. guides, engineering
Ship something every day - Full ack on - The dopamine rush of your code being shipped productivity
Using Node.js's test runner - Official Node.js test runner docs. node
How To Hack Your Google Lighthouse Scores In 2024 - Do perfect Lighthouse scores mean the performance of your website is perfect? As it turns out, Lighthouse is influenced by a number of things that can be manipulated and bent to make sites seem more performant than they really are, as Salma Alam-Naylor demonstrates in several experiments. performance, lighthouse
Cross-Document View Transitions - That's a really nice demo of how to use the new astro zero js transitions. astro, transitions
Spreadsheet Superstars - An elite handful of analysts, actuaries, and accountants have mastered Excel, arguably the most important software in the business world. So what do they do in Vegas? They open a spreadsheet. spreadsheets
Perfect Bug Report - Write Bug Reports That Developers Love! bugs
Why curl closes PRs on Github - Contributors to the curl project on GitHub tend to notice the above sequence quite quickly - pull requests submitted do not generally appear as merged with its accompanying purple blob, instead they are said to be closed. curl
A list of useful examples of the sed command on Linux - sed is extremely useful. sed, cli
FWIW - For whatever it's worth - my advice on job hunting in tech career

Read it! Read it! Read it!

How to Build Anything Extremely Quickly - Do outline speedrunning - Recursively outline an MVP, speedrun filling it in, and only then go back and perfect. productivity
From Chaos to Clarity - My Journey with Obsidian - Effectively using Obsidian with sync productivity, obsidian

Code and Tools

activepieces - Your friendliest open source all-in-one automation tool workflows, automation
Programming Fonts - Test different fonts for your IDE. fonts
CideFlattener - CodeFlattener is a Node.js command-line tool designed to export the structure and code of a repository into a single flat text file. utils
Flameshot - Powerful, yet simple to use open-source screenshot software. screenshots
Web Interactions Gallery - Collection of animated elements from all over the Web animations, gallery
Font Interceptor - Font Interceptor downloads all fonts in use on a target website. Will you use it? fonts
restate - Restate is the platform for building resilient applications that tolerate all infrastructure faults w/o the need for a PhD. workflows
Share URL - Share a URL with Web Share, copy to clipboard or to social media sharing
JsonTree.js - A lightweight JavaScript library that generates customizable tree views to better visualize JSON data. json
Reshot - Free Icons & Illustrations icons, illustrations
Remeda - A utility library for JavaScript and TypeScript. typescript, utils
DGM.js - An infinite canvas with smart shapes canvas
Pastel - Next.js-like framework for CLIs made with Ink cli
Jsvectormap - A lightweight JavaScript library for creating interactive maps and pretty data visualization. maps
starry-night - Syntax highlighting, like GitHub highlighting
Quartz - a fast, batteries-included static-site generator that transforms Markdown content into fully functional websites markdown
Type Fluidity - Calculate fluid typography sizes typography
Adobe Alternatives - A list of alternatives for Adobe software adobe, directory
Lexbor - Lexbor is development of an open source HTML Renderer library. browser-engine
wired-elements - Collection of custom elements that appear hand drawn. Great for wireframes or a fun look. ui
ASCII Silhouettify - ASCII Silhouettify is an app that converts images into ASCII silhouettes, a style of ASCII art distinguished by uniformly filled geometric shapes rather than lines or textures. ascii, art


How To Use Corepack - Never think again what package manager to use in a project. npm, corepack
Apple Tab Pill Animation - Seen this effect of Apple WWDC24 css
Full Stack Web Push API Guide - Try out push notifications! notifications
Generating ZIP Files With Javascript - Self-explanatory zip, javascript
Using the Page Visibility API - Checking document visibility gives you insight into how visitors are interacting with your pages and can provide hints about the status of your applications. visibility
Quick Trick - Using border-image to Apply and Overlay Gradient. - A one-liner for a nice effect. css
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