urban weekly #36

urban weekly #36

Good to know

My 3 Step Process for Writing Clean Code - Should be the default for everyone. productivity
htmx: Simplicity in an Age of Complicated Solutions - Another good article about how htmx simplifies things. htmx
The Gap - An exploration of the pain points that CSS gap solves. css
On Constraints and Freedom - Lessons learned from component styling APIs engineering
Please support skip to main content on your docs site - A journey to get comfortable with keyboard-based computer navigation. docs
What We’ve Learned From A Year of Building with LLMs - A practical guide to building successful LLM products. llm, ai
10 modern Node.js runtime features to start using in 2024 - New features in Node you need to know. nodejs
Skip SDKs in Simple Integrations - Kent writes about that it's not always benificial to use SDKs but direct API calls instead. engineering
Turborepo 2.0 - Next major release of Turbo turbo, monorepo
3 new features to customize your performance workflows in DevTools - New features from the Chrome team for Devs. chrome
How I give the right amount of context (in any situation) - Most people suck at managing up. They waste their manager's time with too much (or too little) information. Here’s how to give the right amount of context. productivity

Read it! Read it! Read it!

You should keep a developer’s journal - A developer’s journal is a place to define the problem you’re solving and record what you tried and what worked. productivity

Code and Tools

manifest - Manifest is a complete backend that fits into one file of simple code. backend
ffmpeg.app - Get help to use ffmpeg! ffmpeg
Squoosh - Compress and resize images online images
WebX - An alternative for the World Wide Web - browse websites such as buss://yippie.rizz made in HTML, CSS and Lua. Custom web browser, custom HTML rendering engine, custom search engine, and more. web
ht - headless terminal - wrap any binary with a terminal interface for easy programmatic access. cli
yamada-ui - React UI components of the Yamada, by the Yamada, for the Yamada built with React and Emotion. ui, react
tlbrowse - Generate imagined websites on an infinite canvas canvas
The React Native Boilerplate - A React Native template for building solid applications. react
React Glow - Add a mouse-tracing glow effect to React components. react, glow
Chromicons - Handcrafted open source icons from LifeOmic icons
PKI.js - PKI.js is a pure JavaScript library implementing the formats that are used in PKI applications (signing, encryption, certificate requests, OCSP and TSP requests/responses). It is built on WebCrypto (Web Cryptography API) and requires no plug-ins. pki, crypto
KaTeX - Fast math typesetting for the web. latex
Design Everywhere - An ever-growing collection of carefully curated works from around the world. design, library
Rotato - Stunning 3D mockups with your own app and web designs on the device screens. No 3D experience needed. animations, video

All about Design

Learn the logic of great typography - An interactive type tutorial typography
Designer engagement report - Top 3 problems for designers - no research, no design strategy, and no career progression career
Open Database of Design Salaries - Promoting salary transparency & pay equity amongst design professionals across industries, experience levels & geographies. career


Grid Garden - Welcome to Grid Garden, where you write CSS code to grow your carrot garden! Water only the areas that have carrots by using the grid-column-start property. css, grid
Node.js Test Runner - A Beginner's Guide nodejs, tests
Using Vectorize to build an unreasonably good search engine in 160 lines of code - The tl;dr is that search got really good suddenly and really easy to build because of AI. search
Brisk VS Code extension 5 minute Development Speedrun - Create a VS Code extension. vscode
Animated sign-in disclosure with only HTML and CSS using the Popover API - Thanks @jh3yy html, css, popover
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