urban weekly #35

urban weekly #35

Good to know

Essays on programming I think about a lot - Great list of articles for software development. productivity
Raw hours - Pretty quick read, but so much truth in it. productivity
Write code that you can understand when you get paged at 2am - A hymn to writing understandable code. coding
Cloudflare took down our website after trying to force us to pay 120k$ within 24h - Crazy story. cloudflare
What are you getting paid in? - Interesting view on salary and other things you are paid in. career
New Magic For Animations in CSS - Some simplifications for animations css
Should I Use jwts For Authentication Tokens? - Short answer: No - but there's also a long answer ;) auth
Instead of 'auth', we should say 'permissions' and 'login' - Good idea! auth
The Disappointment Frontier - Keeping your team far from reality can cause a big fat mess. performance, management
React Conf 2024 Recap - All you need to know from React Conf react
Slash Pages - A guide to common pages you can add to your website pages
Email.ML - Minimalist temporary Email email
Doing is normally distributed, learning is log-normal - My conspiracy theory on why software estimation is such garbage productivity
So many feed readers, so many bizarre behaviors - Implications after introducing 429s for too many requests. api, rss
Introducing the CSS anchor positioning API - That could solve a lot of issues. css
How Large is a 160 Bit Number? - What an enjoyable read! numbers
A little DevTools snippet to check broken links on a webpage - Handy snippet to check all links on a web page. snippet, href
4 Software Design Principles I Learned the Hard Way - If there’s two sources of truth, one is probably wrong. And yes, please repeat yourself. engineering
I Sold TinyPilot, My First Successful Business - About an ex-Googler that started his own business and sold it. startups
How we used esbuild to reduce our browser extension build times by 90% - Including type checks! ci
Astro 4.9 - Next minor release of Astro astro
Client-side rendering - A case study of CSR. csr
Why, after 6 years, I’m over GraphQL - Prior GraphQL advocate does not recommend GraphQL anymore. graphql
Inbox ten - Useful adjustment to Inbox Zero productivity

Read it! Read it! Read it!

Hiring (and managing) cracked engineers - Cracked - Term used for people who are insanely good at something career, productivity
Three Laws of Software Complexity (or: why software engineers are always grumpy) - Nah, we're not always grumpy ;) engineering

Code and Tools

LO - small programming language targeting WASM that aims to be as simple as possible wasm
Vector Pattern Generator - Create vector patterns. vector, patterns
sig - Interactive grep (for streaming) cli
Ark - A headless library for building reusable, scalable design systems that works for a wide range of JS frameworks. react, web-components
Univer - Univer is an open-source alternative to Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs office
Pattern generator - Another pattern generator shapes, patterns
Features.Vote - Drive your product's growth with clarity by letting users post and vote on the features they want. features
pic-smaller - Pic Smaller – Compress JPEG, PNG, WEBP, AVIF, SVG and GIF images intelligently images, compression
TypeHints - These are answers to all the questions I had as a beginner in TypeScript. typescript, learning
dolt - Git for Data data, database
RAGapp - The easiest way to use Agentic RAG in any enterprise ai, rag
Fontsource - Self-host Open Source fonts in neatly bundled NPM packages. fonts
bau.js - Reactive library and components for building web user interface ui
encore - Encore is the Development Platform for startups building event-driven and distributed systems. infra
earthly - Fast, consistent builds with an instantly familiar syntax – like Dockerfile and Makefile had a baby. ci
gh-dash - A beautiful CLI dashboard for GitHub github, cli
CSS Pattern - Explore 144 CSS-only patterns made with CSS gradients and optimized with CSS variables. css, gradients
Art Style Gallery - AI prompts ai, prompts
JS Hacks & Creativity - This is awesome! javascript
SVG Gobbler - Open source browser extension for finding, editing, exporting, optimizing, and managing SVG content. svg, extension
React PDF - Display PDFs in your React app as easily as if they were images. react, pdf
delve - AI to chat ai

All about Design

Best Practices For Naming Design Tokens, Components And Variables - This post is dedicated to naming conventions, tips, and real-world examples that help you name things in a robust and flexible way. design-tokens
How Canva Activates Users - See the user onboarding flow of Canvas onboarding


qlock - A JavaScript Quine Clock - loving it! quine


serverless-postgres - MVP for a Serverless Postgres using Oriole, Fly Machines, and Tigris for S3 Storage. postgres, serverless


Act On Press - John Carmack's Hot Take On UI ui
The Most Dangerous Phrase - This presentation was recorded at GOTO Copenhagen 2023. solid, scrum
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