urban weekly #34

urban weekly #34

Good to know

Thinking out loud about 2nd-gen Email - Proposal for next-gen emails emails
Building a Waitlist (The Wrong Way) - All about not seen red flags. startups
Coding my Handwriting - Including its own small tool to define the letters. fonts
100 Exercises To Learn Rust - Starter to learn Rust rust
The problem with new URL(), and how URL.parse() fixes that - Quick tipp! javascript
Getting buy-in to get things done - Good to have a strategy. career
Stripe's monorepo developer environment - Insights of Stripe's env stripe
Introducing GitHub Copilot Extensions - Unlocking unlimited possibilities with our ecosystem of partners - The world of Copilot is getting bigger, improving the developer experience by keeping developers in the flow longer and allowing them to do more in natural language. github, copilot
Legend State v3 - Legend-State is a super fast all-in-one state and sync library that lets you write less code to make faster apps. state, react
Node LDAP Project Decomissioned - Some people should be banned from the internet. oss
Lessons learned from studying 4,000+ YC Companies. - Side note - the author used LLMs and ChatGPT to classify and structure the data. startups

Read it! Read it! Read it!

Visualizing algorithms for rate limiting - Solid written blog post about rate limiting including examples and playgrounds. rate-limiting

Code and Tools

Lightweight Charts - Performant financial charts built with HTML5 canvas charts
SVG Shape Generator - Create Beautiful SVG Shapes svg
Zellij - A terminal workspace with batteries included cli
Hygraph - The headless CMS powering content for mission-critical applications. cms
importx - Unified tool for importing TypeScript modules at runtime. typescript
PatternPad - With PatternPad you can create unlimited unique pattern designs that fit your style. Ideal for branding, presentations, social media posts or customising products. patterns, graphics
kreated.ai - AI prompts made & shared by the creative community ai, prompts
jira.js - A JavaScript/TypeScript wrapper for the JIRA Cloud, Service Desk and Agile REST API jira
unyt.land - Use TypeScript modules from sources like deno.land, JSR, GitHub directly in the browser without a compile step. deno
Amber - Amber the programming language compiled to bash shell, cli
pls-fix - Get help if your account was suspended on a big tech site. help
Pattern Monster - Customizable SVG patterns for your projects patterns, svg
react-force-graph - React component for 2D, 3D, VR and AR force directed graphs viz, visualization
Restyle - The simplest way to add CSS styles to your React components. react, css
Hamburger-React - Animated hamburger menu icons for React.js weighs only 1.5 KB. react
ClarityAI - AI Image Upscaler & Enhancer - free and open-source Magnific Alternative ai, images
Neosync - Open source data anonymization and synthetic data orchestration for developers. Create high fidelity synthetic data and sync it across your environments. pii
Insighto - Collect feedback from your customers, prioritize features, and build a product users love. feedback
MagicUI - Animated components and effects you can copy and paste into your apps. ui
matcha.css - Drop-in semantic styling library in pure CSS. css
namviek - The open-source project manager for tiny teams projects
121API - A HealthKit API for the Web api, health
env-var - Verification, sanitization, and type coercion for environment variables in Node.js envvars
AI warp - Platformatic Stackable to interact with AI services ai
Dingify - Dingify is helping you unlock the power of seamless real-time monitoring analytics

All about Design

Band Logo Fonts - Discovering the Typography behind 30 Music Icons fonts
Rethinking Text Resizing on Web - Bonus - understand the differences between px, em and rem fonts
UI Density - What UI density means and how to design for it ui
Visual Design - Glossary - Use this glossary to quickly clarify key terms and concepts related to visual design. ui, glossary


Building a GitHub activity feed with Node.js and Socket.io - Your first steps with sockets. nodejs, sockets
City In A Bottle – A 256 Byte Raycasting System - Loving this breakdown. raycast


The latest in Web UI (Google I/O ‘24) - Get a rundown of all the things developers should know that landed in the browser for UI development since the last I/O, plus what's on the product roadmap. web
Use Engineering Strategy to Reduce Friction and Improve Developer Experience - Will Larson discusses what problems engineering strategy solves, examples of real engineering strategies, how to rollout engineering strategy, troubleshooting why your strategy rollout isn’t working. productivity
Ryan Dahl introduces JSR at DevWorld 2024 - All you need to know about jsr jsr
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