urban weekly #31

urban weekly #31

Good to know

bun.report is Bun's new crash reporter - Nice idea and nicely explained! bun
GitHub comments abused to push malware via Microsoft repo URLs - User abusing systems, it's such a shame. github
terminal.shop - What a nice idea! shops
What is Vite (and why is it so popular)? - Want to get an intro to vite? Read this article. vite
GitHub Copilot Workspace - Welcome to the Copilot-native developer environment github, ai, copilot
The only two log levels you need are INFO and ERROR - Why use fatal, warn or debug? logging
Using Node Watch Instead of Nodemon - You can use --watch flag in node now. node, nodemon
Ditch dotenv - Node.js Now Natively Supports .env File Loading - Explore the new built-in features in Node.js that make managing environment variables simpler and more integrated. node, dotenv
Web Scraping like a pro - Unlocking the power of impersonation scraping
Printing music with CSS Grid - This is pure art. music, css
Nightly Postgres Backups via GitHub Actions - Learn how to backup your data to AWS postgres, aws, github
Passkeys - A Shattered Dream - Sad that it seems that Passkeys become something that is basically used for a more lock-in effect from corps. passkeys
I Reviewed 1,000s of Opinions on HTMX - HTMX is a trending JavaScript library that enables the construction of modern user interfaces using hypermedia as the engine of application state. htmx
An Introduction to the Node.js Performance API - Want to measure things in nodejs? Get an introduction to the performance API with this post. nodejs

Read it! Read it! Read it!

Dear Europe, please wake up – eu/acc - This is so true. startups, eu

Code and Tools

Bad Bot Blocker - Block bad, possibly even malicious web crawlers (automated bots) using htaccess. htaccess
teable - The Next Gen Airtable Alternative - No-Code Postgres postgres
Dokploy - Open Source Alternative to Vercel, Netlify and Heroku. infra
kaytu - The Kaytu CLI helps you save on cloud costs by finding the perfect server sizes. infra
threlte - Rapidly build interactive 3D apps for the web. 3d
Stytch - All-in-one authentication, authorization, and fraud prevention infrastructure with powerful APIs and SDKs auth
YouTube.js - A wrapper around YouTube's internal API — reverse engineering InnerTube youtube
cron-schedule - A zero-dependency cron parser and scheduler for Node.js, Deno and the browser. crons
Odiff - The fastest pixel-by-pixel image visual difference tool in the world. images
TestCafe - A Node.js tool to automate end-to-end web testing. testing
Pino - super fast, all natural json logger logger
Extension.js - Plug-and-play, zero-config, cross-browser extension development tool. extensions, browsers
PeerDB - Fast, simple, and cost effective Postgres replication postgres
Divz - A React component that lets you scroll, swipe & zoom through HTML elements on the 3D z-axis. react, 3d
Colors Visualizer - Visualize Your Colors On Real Designs for Better Experience colors
@samchon/openapi - Type safe OpenAPI definitions openapi
Tagify - lightweight, efficient Tags input component in Vanilla JS / React / Angular / Vue tags
Emoji Mart - One component to pick them all emojis
Prosopo - Procaptcha offers robust bot protection without compromising user privacy. Lightweight, open source GDPR compliant bot protection. captcha
useHooks - A collection of modern, server-safe React hooks – from the ui.dev team react, hooks
eraser - All-in-one markdown editor, collaborative canvas, and diagram-as-code builder diagrams
codehelium - An editor component that compiles, executes and returns the outputs of any user-written code via Pyodide/Emscripten/Webassembly. react, python

All about Design

Hidden Gems of Tailwind CSS - I'm just using the basics, reading through this let me feel like tackerman! tailwind
The best number fonts - The best fonts for adding creative number characters to your design projects. fonts


How do people create those sleek looking demos for startups? - Discussion about what to use to produce nice demos. demo


Virtual x86 - v86 emulates an x86-compatible CPU and hardware. x86


Midjourney-inspired gallery scroller with CSS scroll animation - No JS needed! css


How to become a freelance designer in 2024 - Some good insights freelance
System Design - Simple But Common Mistakes - Learn to set up services, establish effective communication, and steer clear of pitfalls in distributed systems. bestpractices
Keep your nose out of it. Denying yourself access to production - Just do it. operations
Let me be - const vs let - very entertaining 15min talk! javascript
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