urban weekly #3

urban weekly #3

Good to know

How GitHub Indexes Code For Blazing Fast Search & Retrieval - Deep dive into Github code search github
React Ecosystem in 2024 - Good overview about different parts of the react ecosystem react
PDF Chat with Node.js, OpenAI and ModelFusion - Good tutorial to chat with a pdf node, openai, ai
Speeding up the JavaScript ecosystem - The barrel file debacle - Part 7 of the series to speed up your javascript project javascript, speedup
Drawing to Logo - Instructions how to use Bing chat to create a logo from a drawing ai, logo
Improve Readability With Positive Booleans - Use positive checks! coding
System Design 101 - Explain complex systems using visuals and simple terms. Help you prepare for system design interviews. system design
Automating product deprecation - How Meta handles product deprecation meta, deprecation
Some notes on Local-First Development - good notes! local dev
Free Certifications - A curated list of free courses & certifications. courses, certifications
Why you should add friction to your onboarding - add friction! onboarding

Read it! Read it! Read it!

The Techno-Optimist Manifesto - Technology, technology, technology! manifesto
Interviews in the Age of AI: Ditch Leetcode - Try Code Reviews Instead - Good approach to use code reviews instead of coding challenges hiring, interviews
Random Thoughts 15 years into Software Engineering - Not just random, very good thoughts! engineering

Code and Tools

Postgres.js - Postgres lib for node, bun, cloudflare postgres, sql
Jitter - Motion design made simple animations
DND Kit - Drag'n'Drop react library dnd
Cronicle - Cronicle is a multi-server task scheduler and runner, with a web based front-end UI. cron, scheduler
Ideogram - Helping people become more creative ai, image creation
Browserbear - Start Web Scraping in seconds scraping, ai
selectors.info - CSS selector descriptions css, selectors
React quick pinch zoom - A react component that providing multi-touch gestures for zooming and dragging on any DOM element. react, gestures
Recharts - A composable charting library built on React components react, charts
HeyGen - Create videos from text in minutes with AI-generated avatars and voices. ai, video
Ruvy - Transforms Rust code to web assembly rust, wasm
PureImage - Pure JS implementation of the HTML Canvas 2D drawing API canvas, javascript
Rspress - Rspack-based Static Site Generator static, websites
gluestack - Universal Themed & Unstyled Components react, components
Timeline.js - Javascript lib for timelines timeline, javascript
vectorpea - Vector graphic tool in the web vector
Typeculator - Typeculator is a simple type scale calculator based on the "Golden Thread" technique. type, font, scale
BGjar - SVG backgrounds svg, backgrounds

All about Design

Footer - Footer designs <3 footer
iiisometric - SVG generator for isometric design constructions svg, isometric
VOV.CSS - css animation creator css, animations
Cards for Humanity - A practical tool for inclusive design inclusive
Synthetic Users - Our goal is to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to generate realistic synthetic personas and evaluate the desirability of your ideas in a few minutes. ai, interviews
Bring the Power of Motion with LottieFiles for Canva App - Animations in Canva animations, canva, lottiefiles


QX82 - QX82 is a tiny Javascript engine that lets you create games and experiences inspired by the look and feel of a retro 80s computer. javascript


Langchain Tutorial For Typescript and Javascript Developers - Langchain and TS/JS langchain, typescript
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Adam Urban is fullstack engineer, loves serverless and generative art, and is building side projects like weeklyfoo.com, flethy.com and diypunks.xyz in his free time.