urban weekly #27

urban weekly #27

Good to know

How GitHub replaced SourceForge as the dominant code hosting platform - Entertaining article about the rise of Github github
Getting out of meetings and into focused work - meetings aren’t work — they're a cost of getting work done productivity
Everything I Know About the XZ Backdoor - This xz backdoor is like a movie backdoor
The Frontend Challenge: bananas are the superior fruit - I'm always impressed what you can do just with CSS. css
Bun 1.1 - Next minor release of Bun with Windows support. bun
Why choose async/await over threads? - async/await is a powerful programming model in Rust rust
How we’ve saved 98% in cloud costs by writing our own database - Not sure if I'm convinced writing my own database ;) database, cosos
Using GitHub Copilot in your IDE: Tips, tricks, and best practices - GitHub Copilot is a powerful AI assistant. Learn practical strategies to get the most out of GitHub Copilot to generate the most relevant and useful code suggestions in your editor. github, copilot, ide

Read it! Read it! Read it!

JavaScript Visualized: Promise Execution - Deep dive into promises. Check out the animations <3 javascript, promises

Code and Tools

Slidev - Presentation Slides for Developers presentations
Pragmatic Drag and Drop - Fast drag and drop for any experience on any tech stack dnd
JS Torch - A JavaScript library like PyTorch, built from scratch. ml
HeyForm - HeyForm is an open-source form builder that allows anyone to create engaging conversational forms for surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, and polls. No coding skills required. typescript
valkey - A new project to resume development on the formerly open-source Redis project. We're calling it Valkey, since it's a twist on the key-value datastore. kv
RunJS - JavaScript Playground - Write and run code with instant live feedback. javascript
Creo - Build internal tools with AI tools, ai
Floro - floro is a distributed version control system for creating and managing interoperable static assets and i18n strings cms
svgator - The Easiest Way to Animate SVG svg
Journey.js - A lightweight, easy-to-use JavaScript library to create interactive, customizable, accessible guided tours across your websites or web apps! javascript, tour
Dexie.js - A Minimalistic Wrapper for IndexedDB javascript
js.org - Get a free js.org subdomain domains
dotLottie Rust - A universal, high-performance Lottie and dotLottie player built with Rust. rust
Signals for Tailwind CSS - Signals for Tailwind CSS simplifies styling based on ancestor state via style queries. Its declarative API for signaling states eliminates complex selectors, resulting in cleaner, more maintainable code. tailwind, css, signals
SableDb - Ultra fast, persistent database supporting Redis API db, keyvalue
OpenUI - OpenUI let's you describe UI using your imagination, then see it rendered live. ai, ui
selfh.st - Browse Self-Hosted Software directory, selfhosted
3d Claymorphism UI - Generate and customize a 3d Claymorphism UI example with our free CSS online tool. 3d
bruno - Opensource IDE For Exploring and Testing Api's (lightweight alternative to postman/insomnia) http

All about Design

Onboarding Study - Learn user onboarding from the best SaaS products onboarding
How we redesigned the Linear UI (part Ⅱ) - I'm always impressed by Linear ui
UX/UI-trends in 2024 - Lots of trends wuith illustrations. ui, ux
Simple steps to turn icons into mini illustrations - Figure out the tricks to turn your icons into mini illustrations to spruce up your projects. icons


Grumpy Website - Complains about everything! complains
Guess my RGB - Use three sliders to check if your selection matches the background color rgb, colors
Surf the web like it’s 1999 with these old-school cursors - Look at these cursors! cursors


How to split JavaScript strings into sentences, words or graphemes with Intl.Segmenter - Didn't know that javascripts offers such a thing. javascript
Running OCR against PDFs and images directly in your browser - Build your own tool to process pdfs and images ocr
Build your own X - This repository is a compilation of well-written, step-by-step guides for re-creating our favorite technologies from scratch. byo
Infinite-Scrolling Logos In Flat HTML And Pure CSS - Good old marquee effect! css


Visual Guide to the Modern Frontend Toolchain (Vite) - Vite under the hood vite
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