urban weekly #26

urban weekly #26

Good to know

How I reduced (incremental) Rust compile times by up to 40% - Useful tips to reduce regular compile times. rust
No one gives a &*^@# about your DevRel/Community Programs (and what to do about it) #3: Prioritization - How to prevent your desire to help from harming you prio
The best engineering interview question I’ve ever gotten, Part 1 - From memcached... interview, jobs
Friends don't let friends export to CSV - CSV is so popular but there are much better formats to use csv
Two open source projects with great documentation - esbuild and Redis docs
Low effort image optimization tips - Basically use avif and webp, the picture element and lazy loading images
Scripts should be written using the project main language - Oh yes! projects
'any' Considered Harmful, Except For These Cases - any ftw ;) typescript
To those that use HTMX in production, how is it? - Comment: You have to actually understand HTML and CSS, which means that many frontend devs can’t use it. ;) htmx
Migrating 500+ tests from Mocha to Node.js - Having it on my todo list, too nodejs
Web Component for Copyright Years.md - A web component in a gist webcomponents
We're excited to have @DrizzleORM as the first ORM to support PGlite - PGLite + Drizzle = <3 pglite, drizzle

Read it! Read it! Read it!

42.parquet – A Zip Bomb for the Big Data Age - TL;DR: A 42 kB Parquet file can contain over 4 PB of data. parquet

Code and Tools

Bunnyshell - Boost productivity and reduce costs with Bunnyshell Internal Developer Platform, Preview Environments, and Standardised Development Environments. infra
Unkey - Unkey is an open source API authentication and authorization platform for scaling user facing APIs. api
Lapdev - Open source, self hosted with ease. It uses Devcontainers spec and scales from a single machine to a global fleet of servers. infra
magick.css - magick.css is a minimalistic, (mostly) classless CSS framework that is designed to be easy to use and easy to understand. css
OpenDevin - OpenDevin: Code Less, Make More devin
Giscarta - Create your own mapping app maps
Jampack - Optimizes static websites for best user experience and best Core Web Vitals scores. performance
InvertOrNot - Make your app's dark-mode smarter with InvertOrNot. images
Monolith - CLI tool for saving complete web pages as a single HTML file cli
phin - Node HTTP client http
Nano ID - A tiny (124 bytes), secure, URL-friendly, unique string ID generator for JavaScript ids
Discover Design Systems - Your ultimate destination for exploring and discovering the best design systems - a curated collection to inspire your creativity designsystems
Maizzle - Maizzle is a framework that helps you quickly build HTML emails with Tailwind CSS and advanced, email-specific post-processing. email, css, tailwind
codel - Fully autonomous AI Agent that can perform complicated tasks and projects using terminal, browser, and editor. ai
Nue CSS - A scaleable alternative to Tailwind, BEM, and CSS-in-JS css
react-resize-aware - A simple React Hook which allows to listen the resize event of any target element when it changes sizes react
Background - AI-generated backgrounds for your next design project. ai, backgrounds
Openpanel - All the goodies from both Mixpanel and Plausible combined into one tool. analytics

All about Design

The hidden power of typography - The science behind how design choices influence perception and behavior typography
unsection - Find website section design inspiration sections
Tailwind has won - Experience from using Bulma, Bootstrap and Tailwind css, bulma, tailwind, bootstrap
The Structure of User Experience - A model of how UX works, and the critical forces that drive the team's product development. ux
What You Need to Know about Modern CSS (Spring 2024 Edition) - Container Queries, has, view transitions css
Redefining interfaces: The icon evolution - How icons have adapted to UI transformations and trends, from the first Xerox icons of the 1970s to the modern Apple Spatial icons. icons


What non-AI products are you working on? - Lots of AI products launching, what's about all the other stuff? nonai


Put 100s of kbs in the URL - No cloud storage needed! ;) url


Building a Micro HTMX SSR Framework - Make your own framework! htmx
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