urban weekly #25

urban weekly #25

Good to know

What is INP and why you should care - INP = Interaction to Next Paint, and it will replace First Input Delay (FID) on March 12 performance
WebSockets vs Server-Sent-Events vs Long-Polling vs WebRTC vs WebTransport - Short but really good overview of network techniques network
Postgres is eating the database world - In fact, I only use postgresql if I need an SQL db (sometimes an SQLite) sql, postgresql
The problem with using a UUID primary key in MySQL - TIL: in uuid v4 the first position in the third segment of the uuid will always be 4 oO uuids
Introducing our team, investors & more... - Oh wow, the creator of npm is joining the vlt team! vlt
Web Neural Network API - A low-level API for neural network inference hardware acceleration. webnn
sh.mjs - Shorthand JavaScript - nice idea! javascript
require(esm) in Node.js - If you haven't switched to esm already this will be quite helpful. nodejs, esm
Announcing VitePress 1.0 - 1.0 of VitePress! vitepress
Node.js landing page - Node.js released a brand new landing page and it's such a big improvement. nodejs
How web bloat impacts users with slow devices - Take care about your app size! performance
11 ways to get better feedback from your manager - Hard truths about why your manager isn’t giving you more feedback--and what to do about it. career
Architecture of an early stage SAAS - Insights from feelback.dev startup, architecture
Grep by example: Interactive guide - grep is the ultimate text search tool available on virtually all Linux machines. While there are now better alternatives (such as ripgrep), you will still often find yourself on a server where grep is the... grep

Read it! Read it! Read it!

Passkeys - under the hood - Detailed walkthrough to passkeys passkeys, auth
Optimizing Javascript for fun and for profit - Some good hints that can bring a lot of performance benefits. javascript, performance
Brutally honest career advice to my younger self - Advice by the founder of AppSumo! advice, career

Code and Tools

Creatica - Generate SVG Backgrounds to elevate your designs svg
Runtime compatibility - Display APIs compatibility across different JavaScript runtimes. compatibility
Magnify - Bookmarklet code for magnifying a website. bookmarklet
Serverless Postgres Platform - With a to-good-to-be-true-free-tier! postgresql
jnv - interactive JSON filter using jq cli, json
capo.js - Get your <head> in order performance
Blobmaker - Quickly create random, unique, and organic-looking SVG shapes. svg
This person does not exist - Create random faces that don't exist. images
react-json-view-lite - Lightweight Json view component for React json, react
Spectacle - A React.js based library for creating sleek presentations using JSX syntax that gives you the ability to live demo your code. react, presentations
TLD-List - Compare Prices of All Top-Level Domains tlds, domains
CartoSVG - Design gorgeous and lightweight SVG maps with ease svg, maps
emojisplosion - Explosion effect with emojis animations
MistCSS - Write React components using CSS only css, react
pgwire - PostgreSQL wire protocol implemented as a rust library. postgres, rust
Atrament - A small JS library for beautiful drawing and handwriting on the HTML Canvas. canvas
oneRepo - Easy, strict, safe, and fast JavaScript & TypeScript monorepo toolchain for high performance teams. monorepo
Join Repo - Selling a boilerplate, template, or a library? Stop manually inviting people to your private GitHub repos. - Still in the beginning but the idea is nice. products
Pigment CSS - Pigment CSS is a zero-runtime CSS-in-JS library that extracts the colocated styles to their own CSS files at build time. css
dropflow - A CSS layout engine css
Color in Between - Explore the Spectrum with Colors in Between colors

All about Design

The New Free Fonts Every Designer Should Have - Neo Brutalist <3 fonts
This scroll effect <3 - This is not an article but an awesome scroll effect! animations


css2wind - Translate the CSS property to its Tailwind CSS equivalent css, tailwind
three mandatory scripts in package.json - yolo-push ftw! npm
I’m So Old: Web Edition - I'm too old, too xD web


Build a Node App with TypeScript - pnpm, nodejs, typescript (of course ), es modules boilerplate
A Beginner's Guide to Node.js Worker Threads - I like nodes general single thread policy but if you really really need more than one thread that's a good starting point. nodejs, threads
Use CSS shape-outside to wrap text around shapes - Nice effect with just a bit of css. css
DuckDB as the New jq - Use DuckDB to query json files. json, duckdb


Another JS Registry. Seriously?! - Everything you need to know about JavaScript's new open source registry, JSR. jsr
Is Drizzle Really Better Than Prisma? - Complete comparison between two of the most popular TypeScript ORM libs. prisma, drizzle
Node.js: The Documentary - An origin story - <3 nodejs
The Story of Astro DB - The Astro team recently launched Astro DB – an efficient, local first, replicable database. This is that story. astro
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