urban weekly #24

urban weekly #24

Good to know

100 things you can do on your personal website - No 66 is nice. Will do that! websites
Node.js added utility for text formatting — you may not need chalk anymore - Maybe chalk becomes obsolete now? node
Techniques to Break Words - I haven't used &shy or wbr at all, so I'm good! words
Internationalization with Remix - How to i18n with Remix and Storyblok remix, storyblok
AVIF is the Future of Web Images - I'm all in webp but obviously I should have a look at AVIF, too. images
The domain you choose to send emails can significantly impact deliverability. - Quick tipp to use subdomains for your marketing and transactional emails. emails
My favourite animation trick: exponential smoothing - Includes lots of math! ;) animations
ecss - Avoiding common styling problems is simple. And you only need efficient CSS. Nothing more. css
Comparing JavaScript Frameworks part 1: templates - Comparing Vue, React, Angular, Svelte vue, react, angular, svelte
Storybook 8 - Next major release of Storybook storybook
Falsehoods programmers believe about time zones - Things you don't know about timezones. timezones
Shorter way to get last element in array - tldr: use array.at(-1) javascript

Read it! Read it! Read it!

Context-switching - one of the worst productivity killers in the engineering industry - Nothing gets done at the end of the day. Don't worry, we got you covered! workos

Code and Tools

Rolldown - Fast Rust bundler for JavaScript with Rollup-compatible API. rust, bundler
React Geiger - Audiolize React performance. Was about to put it in der fun section, but actually it can bring a real benefit. react, performance
React Unforget - A compiler for automatic optimization of React apps react, performance
Logo Packer - Generate Logo Variations in Seconds. logos
mapplic - Mapplic transforms static images into dynamic experiences. maps
fontkit - An advanced font engine for Node and the browser fonts, node
iLovePDF - Every tool you need to work with PDFs in one place pdf
Self-Hosted Software List - Discover top self-hosted software from various categories. lists
JSON Canvas - An open file format for infinite canvas data. json, canvas
flyde - Open-source, visual programming for developers. Includes a VS Code extension, integrates with existing TypeScript code, browser and Node.js. programming
voici.js - A Node.js library for pretty printing your data on the terminal cli, node
Slonik - A Node.js PostgreSQL client with runtime and build time type safety, and composable SQL. node, postgresql
Astro DB - Astro DB is a fully-managed SQL database that is fast, lightweight, and ridiculously easy-to-use. Super thrilled about that. db, astro
bebop - No ceremony, just code. Blazing fast, typesafe binary serialization. serialization
jco - JavaScript tooling for working with WebAssembly Components wasm
Neat - Beautiful gradient animations for your website gradients
Logo System - Get inspired by exploring this library of real and fictional logos. logos
React Chrono - Modern Timeline Component for React react, timeline
finder - CSS Selector Generator css
Trangram - Create Motion Graphics On One Platform animations
Gradientor - A minimalist radial background generator. gradients
fx - Terminal JSON viewer & processor json, cli
@webtoon/psd - A lightweight Adobe Photoshop .psd file parser in typescript with zero-dependency for browsers and NodeJS. photoshop, psd, node
Turso - Countless databases embedded anywhere simple. db, sqlite
AI Color Combination Generator - Describe the purpose of your color combination and let it generate. colors, ai
Article Extractor - To extract main article from given URL with Node.js scraping

All about Design

Sliders degrade UX (so do this instead) - tldr: don't use sliders sliders
No-Code Tools Every Designer Needs - Explore the world of no-code tools for designers! nocode
Design Spells - Examples of design details. ui


A formula for responsive font-size - font-size: calc(1rem + 0.25vw); fonts, css


Your tardy friends suck. 7 Principles - Be on time. progress
A low-code way to learn AI - Learn how AI works from a real LLM implemented entirely in Excel ai, spreadsheets
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