urban weekly #23

urban weekly #23

Good to know

Threads says it will make its API broadly available by June - Attention to all social media post scheduling services! threads
Quality is a hard sell in big tech - What I definitely can confirm: bad devex quality
Apple reverses course on death of Progressive Web Apps in EU - Happy end for EU? apple, pwas
The 3 key jobs of a product manager: Recognize the problem, Structure a solution, and Execute - Recognize the customer problem, structure a solution, and execute on the solution product
Rethinking the startup MVP: Building a competitive product - Adjusted understanding of an MVP product, mvp
Streaming HTML out of order without JavaScript - Sending HTML from a web server to a browser in chunks as it is generated html
CSS Hooks: A new way to style your React apps - oO css and hooks css
CSS for printing to paper - Maybe an edge case, but get some insights how to style a webpage for printing. css, printing
5 Lessons I learned the hard way from 6 years as a software engineer - I often read similar articles, but this one brings some good five lessons on point. career
Organizing and Running Successful Hackathons - Hackathons are fun for engineers, beneficial for businesses, and a good way to shake things up. This article suggests approaches for running successful hackathons – and whether you should hold one. hackathons
React 19: Everything you need to know in one place - Discover the latest features of React 19, from the React Compiler to Server Components and Enhanced Hooks. Learn how to upgrade and improve your web development process. react
Feature flags are ruining your codebase - The dangers of letting PMs control them featureflags
Million Lint is in public beta - VSCode extension for Million to help you improve your react app with Million million, vscode
The hater’s guide to Kubernetes - I had so much fun with k8s. never. kubernetes
Tiny Predictive Text - Predictive Text Using 2MB of JavaScript, no LLM. markov, prediction
The Developer’s Guide to SSO - Enterprises expect an SSO login to your SaaS in todays world. Better to be prepared. sso, saml
JSR: Second Look - David gives more insights from his impressions with jsr jsr

Read it! Read it! Read it!

Help, I see a problem and no one is prioritizing it! - Explain the impact, not the problem career

Code and Tools

ElysiaJS - TypeScript with End-to-End Type Safety, unified type system and outstanding developer experience. Supercharged by Bun. bun, typescript
404s - gallery of error 404 page designs 404
yoctocolors - The smallest and fastest command-line coloring package on the internet javascript, colors
About Ideas Now - Find people to talk to or collaborate with by searching across the /about, /ideas and /now pages. Already put it on my todo list to add those pages. inspiration
Shiki - A beautiful yet powerful syntax highlighter highlighter
radicle - Radicle is a sovereign peer-to-peer network for code collaboration, built on top of Git. collaboration
Tailframes - Tailwind CSS UI Kit that simplifies the process of building web apps tailwind
Simple Icons - Free SVG icons for popular brands icons
BlockNote - The open source Block-Based rich text editor editors
Daytona - Daytona is the enterprise-grade Codespaces alternative for managing self-hosted, secure and standardized development environments. coding, environment
react-barcode - A <Barcode/> component for use with React. react
Poline - "poline" is an enigmatic color palette generator, that harnesses the mystical witchcraft of polar coordinates. colors
Plotly - Built on top of d3.js and stack.gl, Plotly.js is a high-level, declarative charting library. charts
ONBOARDING_LIB - It's like a library screams at you ;) onboarding, react
Color Palette Generator - Transform inspiration into vibrant color schemes with our intuitive color combination generator colors
Lummi - The best free stock photos and royalty free images. Powered by robots everywhere. photos, ai
Daggerverse - Discover and share modules full of Dagger functions encapsulating the community's devops knowledge. infra, automation
LogScreen - Loglines can be messy, read it better on a browser, <command npx logscreen> logs

All about Design

An HTML Switch Control - New control in Safari 17.4 apple, safari, switch
The Death of User Interfaces - Dive into how product design has shifted towards a UI focus and how the AI “revolution” is gradually phasing out the “traditional user interfaces.” ui, ai


How to Make a Chrome Extension: Step-by-Step Guide - Always good to know how to build your own Chrome extension to automate things. chrome
Modern CSS Tooltips And Speech Bubbles - Create your own tooltips! tooltips
CSS scroll-triggered animations with style queries - Very popular currently. css


Expo in 100 Seconds - Learn the fundamentals of React Native development in Expo in this quick breakdown. expo
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