urban weekly #22

urban weekly #22

Good to know

JavaScript Bloat in 2024 - See example for landing pages that load > 10mb of javascript oO javascript
Using the Switch(true) Pattern in JavaScript - Loving that approach. It definitely simplifies if-else spaghetti code switch, javascript
Lessons from my third year running a SaaS - Insights from the founder of OnlineOrNot startups
What apps have you made for your own use only, that you use daily? - Reddit thread about your side projects sideprojects
Disillusioned with Deno - This article lines out how Deno's trying to build common tools by their own which puts the project behind Node deno
Free Monitor Certificate expiry via RSS - That's a proper approach to keep track of your website certificates. rss, certificates
Frugly vs. Freemium - Never thought about that, but make your UI (super) ugly in free tier and get payed for a nice looking UI is an interesting approach. pricing
<Sorry, I Need A TypeScript Playground In Order To Help> - Good advice to not send just a screenshot of your borken code ;) typescript, playground
The unwritten rules (till now) of negotiating with Meta - If you ever want to work for Meta it's a good idea to start with this article. meta, interview
Lift-off: The MDN Curriculum launch - The MDN Curriculum provides a structured guide to the essential skills and practices for being a successful front-end developer, along with recommended learning resources. knowledge
A manifesto for small, static, web apps - 10 items in the manifesto. static
12 Years at Meta - What a journey! meta
Why Does 'is-number' Package Have 59M Weekly Downloads? - Just saying: chain of dependencies! npm
17 Equations that Changed the World - Rewritten in JavaScript - <3 algorithms
JSR: First Impressions - Still on my todo list, but happy to read some first impressions. deno, registry
Survey Results and Roadmap - Deno shared their roadmap deno
In praise of Nushell - Also tried out nushell and it's worth checking it out. cli, nushell
Software Engineers Need a Brag Doc - I'm maintaining a brag doc since four years now and it really helps me to keep track of all the things I've done. productivity
30/3/30 approach - 30 seconds, 3 minutes, 30 minutes, quite simple. pitch
React is the New IBM - Bold statement react

Read it! Read it! Read it!

The 14 pains of building your own billing system - You want to build your own billing, because it's basically just a spreadsheet? Read this article ;) billing

Code and Tools

Expressive Code - A text marking & annotation engine for presenting source code on the web. vscode, presentations
huemint - Huemint uses machine learning to create unique color schemes for your brand, website or graphic colors
PGlite - Lightweight Postgres packaged as WASM into a TypeScript library for the browser, Node.js, Bun and Deno postgresql
Chartwell - Regularly I don't advertise products that have no free tier. But this one looks really good and seems to make the handling of charts quite easy. At least for very simple ones. charts, fonts
node-rate-limiter-flexible - Atomic counters and rate limiting tools. Limit resource access at any scale. node
borp - node:test runner wrapper with TypeScript support node, typescript, tests
cloudevents - A specification for describing event data in a common way. Can be used for webhooks in general. spec, webhooks
Layers - Explore trending designs explore
SQL Workbench - Run SQL queries in the browser sql
pico - Tools from hacker labs including a static hosting service, a pastebin and a private docker registry. services
ingestr - ingestr is a CLI tool to copy data between any databases with a single command seamlessly. cli
TinyMCE - JavaScript library for rich text editing. javascript, editors
web-check - All-in-one OSINT tool for analysing any website web
Colormind - Colormind is a color scheme generator that uses deep learning. It can learn color styles from photographs, movies, and popular art. colors

All about Design

Navbar Gallery - Find the best navigation designs from leading websites to fuel your inspiration. navbars
Great Products Have Great Premises - The most powerful thing a product can do is give its user a premise. products
The Linear Look - There’s one style that seems to be taking over the tech SaaS world, and it’s the one popularized by Linear’s homepage. landingpages
UX Language - A comprehensive set of useful and semi-universal UX copywriting and style guidelines and examples to reference while designing and building products and interfaces. copywriting
How to Create a Memorable Logo In 2024 - 10 vital tips for designers and entrepreneurs logos
Show, not tell: How to make use of restricted or scrapped design work - How to transform design work restricted by NDAs or scrapped prematurely nda


Cartoonifier - Turn any selfie into a cartoon. ai


Generating SVG Avatars From Identifiers - Pizza slides as avatars! svg, avatars
How to build an offline-first app using Expo & Legend State - Learn how to build and assess the effectiveness of an offline first application using Legend State and Expo. expo
Apple style blow out text effect. - Really like that one. css
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