urban weekly #21

urban weekly #21

Good to know

PWAs wont replace native iOS apps - Unfortunately there are many downsides, however, personally I'm totally convinced the gaps should be filled to have (nearly) feature parity. pwa
Learning about debuggers - Quite nerdy, but surely interesting if you want to learn more about debuggers ;) debug
From engineer to manager: what I love, what I hate - Love and hate after transitioning to a manager role career
React Trends in 2024 - What's going on in the React world in 2024? react, trends
SQL query optimization: a comprehensive developer's guide - An SQL optimization guide for developers. With best practices, warnings, and pro tips to speed up your SQL query optimization. sql
It’s Official, Apple Kills Web Apps in the EU - That's a really sad development apple, pwa
Remix Vite is Now Stable - Vite support is now stable in Remix remix, vite
Warp, the modern terminal, is now available for Linux - The popular terminal is now available for Linux! terminal
Meet Rocket Turtle - The new nodejs moscot nodejs
random() distribution visualization - Beautifully visualized, and interesting! random
Using localStorage in Modern Applications: A Comprehensive Guide - Advices, best practives and comparisons to indexed-db, opfs, and more. localstorage
HTMX vs React: A Complete Comparison - If you want to get the differences between htmx and react in a 12min read - that's the right article for you. htmx, react
Redwood v7.0.0 is now available! - Next major release of Redwood redwood
Mind officially blown - See how Paige Bailey recorded a video and Gemini generated Selenium code out of it. Pretty cool. gemini

Read it! Read it! Read it!

Bloom Filters - First time I read about bloom filters. But the reduction in size for some special use cases is impressive. algorithms

Code and Tools

groq - Incredible fast Mixtral-based chatbot, haven't seen something at nearly the same speed as this one. llm, chatbot
CodeRev - CodeRev is a lightweight tool to help you organize and conduct technical interviews using code reviews rather than leetcode. interviews
yamlify-object - Stringify object/array with yaml syntax yaml
rustwasm - Rust and WebAssembly rust, wasm
dax - Cross-platform shell tools for Deno and Node.js inspired by zx. shell
Lucia - Lucia is an auth library for your server that abstracts away the complexity of handling sessions. auth
React Print - Build and generate PDF using React UI kit for PDFs and print documents. react
react-document-picture-in-picture - Feature-packed and optimised React component for Chrome's new Document Picture-in-Picture API react
react-use-wizard - A React wizard (stepper) builder without the hassle, powered by hooks. react, wizard
OKLCH Color Picker & Converter - Another color picker colors, oklch
Marquee - A beautiful marquee component for React. react
Park UI - Beautifully designed components built for your choice of JS and CSS frameworks. javascript, css, components
drag-and-drop - FormKit’s Drag and Drop is a small library for adding data-first drag and drop sorting and transferring for lists in your app. It’s simple, flexible, framework agnostic, and clocks in at only ~4Kb gzipped. dnd
js-tokens - Tiny JavaScript tokenizer. javascript
Pages CMS - A user-friendly CMS for static site generators. cms, github
Retell AI - Conversational Voice API for Your LLM ai, llm
Danswer - Ask Questions in natural language and get Answers backed by private sources. Connects to tools like Slack, GitHub, Confluence, etc. ai, llm
canvas-size - Determine the maximum area, height, width, and custom dimensions of an HTML canvas element. canvas
Subscripteo - Compare the best Web Design & Development Subscriptions subscriptions, products

All about Design

Mobile search: which pattern should you choose? - Design patterns for search when it comes mobile apps mobile, search
How I Developed the 10 Usability Heuristics - Jakob Nielsen’s 10 usability heuristics were defined from a factor analysis of the use of a much larger set of usability principles to explain a database of usability problems in development projects. principles
UI = f(statesⁿ) - All the states that can happen on pages/components. states
html.to.design - Import websites into Figma to iterate, redesign, benchmark and more; without building each element from scratch. figma
F-Shape Pattern And How Users Read - TIL: Users spend 80% of the time viewing the left half of a page ux
Motionimo - Your daily dose of quality resources and beautiful animations. animations
404 Creatives: Exploring the Artistry of 404 Error Page Design - Beautiful compilation of 404 pages. 404, notfound
Okay, Color Spaces - Colors arranged in the space colors
Algorithm-Driven Design - How artificial intelligence is changing design ai
Dead Simple Sites - The most minimal sites on the web, curated in one place. minimal, websites
drams - Framer components inspired by Dieter Rams' design principles components
The 3 secrets to Font Pairing - Three simple rules. fonts


Cross My Heart - Frogger Demake in 256 Bytes games


Building Interactive Data Visualizations with D3.js and React - Data visualizations are a powerful way to represent complex information in a digestible and engaging manner. React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, can be integrated with D3.js to create stunning and interactive data visualizations. react, d3
On-Scroll Animation Ideas for Sticky Sections - Some ideas of how sticky sections can be animated while exiting the viewport. animations
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