urban weekly #20

urban weekly #20

Good to know

Storybook 8 Beta - Major performance and compatibility improvements storybook
RSS is still pretty great - Not really a webdev topic but brings some points up why rss is still useful. rss
Power of Small Optimizations - Small optimizations can have a big impact. The article also offers a good example how a small change optimized a certain part of the software in a very good way. optimizations
Hono 4.0.0 - Major release of Hono hono
Breaking apart the monolith - The open source movement should really be modeled after social clubs and city governments oss
Slackers - A decade later, it’s clear that Slack changed work culture, even at companies that don’t use it. slack, chat
How To Center a Div - The Ultimate Guide to Centering in CSS. So many ways to do it. css
Finishing Turborepo's migration from Go to Rust - Unlocking the future of your build system with Rust-based Turbo. turborepo, go, rust
In its tantrum with Europe, Apple broke web apps in iOS 17 beta, still hasn't fixed them - PWAs demoted to OWB: Operating Within Browser apple, pwas
The text file that runs the internet - For decades, robots.txt governed the behavior of web crawlers. But as unscrupulous AI companies seek out more and more data, the basic social contract of the web is falling apart. robotstxt
Express Forward - Plans for Express version 5, 6, and 7. Finally some progress because version 4 is already out since years. express
Union, intersection, difference, and more are coming to JavaScript Sets - Overview of some utility functions for sets javascript
Immutable array updates with Array.prototype.with - New with function for arrays in javascript javascript, arrays
Unreal Engine 5 ported to WebGPU - oO webgl
Add More Rigor to Your Reference Calls With These 25 Questions - This is a huge collection of questions and corresponding descriptions! management

Read it! Read it! Read it!

(Almost) Every infrastructure decision I endorse or regret after 4 years running infrastructure at a startup - This is an awesome write up about decisions made on operations. infra

Code and Tools

Toolong - A terminal application to view, tail, merge, and search log files (plus JSONL). cli
Miracode - A sharp, readable, vector-y version of Monocraft, the programming font based on Minecraft fonts
hurl - Hurl, run and test HTTP requests with plain text. http
Glaze - Utility-based animations for the web. animations
tabgod - execute any javascript on any chromium tabs - cross-tab parallel execution javascript
AI Pixel Art Generator - Create Vibrant Pixel Art Online For Free ai, pixelart
SVG Flag Icons - Explore over 200 optimized SVG country flag icons — Perfectly crafted on a 32px grid icons, flags, svg
Tempo - Parse, format, manipulate, and internationalize dates and times in JavaScript and TypeScript. javascript, typescript, date
GitButler - The GitButler version control client, backed by Git, powered by Tauri/Rust/Svelte. Personally I like to use git via cli, but I believe there is an audience for a desktop client. git
unlazy - Universal lazy loading library for placeholder images leveraging native browser APIs lazy-loading, images
Linen - Linen is a real-time messaging platform that is designed for a calmer and more productive experience. messaging
Tech Icons - SVG and PNG tech icons svg, icons
CheerpJ - A WebAssembly JVM to run real-world applications in the browser wasm, java
Hookdeck - Receive, process, and deliver messages across your event-driven architecture with Hookdeck's platform for engineering teams. events
Velvette - Common patterns for CSS view-transitions css
JavaScript Registry - A new javascript registry on its way. javascript, registry
Peggy - Peggy is a simple parser generator for JavaScript that produces fast parsers with excellent error reporting. You can use it to process complex data or computer languages and build transformers, interpreters, compilers and other tools easily. javascript, parser
Heat.js - A lightweight JavaScript library that generates customizable heat maps, charts, and statistics to visualize date-based activity and trends. javascript, visualization
who can use - It's a tool that brings attention and understanding to how color contrast can affect different people with visual impairments. a11y
Colorable - Color combination contrast tester colors, contrast
servo - Servo is a web rendering engine written in Rust, with WebGL and WebGPU support, and adaptable to desktop, mobile, and embedded applications. rust

All about Design

Hide or Disable - A simple questions lets you know if to hide or disable an element. hide
Creating variations of icon styles - How to convert icons from Line to Solid icons
13 QR-Code Usability Guidelines - So obvious but good guidelines for QR code usability. And funny examples of how to not use QR codes. qr
Don’t Disable Form Controls - Just another usability and accessibility pro telling authors not to do the thing they continue to do. buttons, disable
How to create the perfect icon - All the insights from our 12-year-experienced team icons
How Airbnb Became a Leader in UX Design - Indeed AirBnB makes a difference if it comes to designing a great product. airbnb


I'm an engineer that needs to sell my services. Any good books on sales? - Most of us know the problem I guess. sales
Ask HN: How do you come up with side project ideas in 2024? - Another thread about how to get inspiration for new side projects sideprojects


comicss - A webcomic about CSS. Coded in CSS. comic, css


Todo Example with Apico Google Sheets - Sample repository showcasing how to create a Todo app with React and Google Sheets as the backend react, spreadsheets


So You Think You Know Git - FOSDEM 2024 - Git tips and tricks git
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