urban weekly #2

urban weekly #2

Good to know

Write your own Zod - If you're interested how zod works under the hood and think about writing your own zod, then this is a great starting point. typescript, zod
How to add documentation to your product life cycle - Overview of how to integrate documentation into an organization with advantages/disadvantages for each model. docs
Healthier way to open source your code - A very personal view on open source. oss
Bug fixed: Tooltips persist in foreground when Firefox is in background - A Firefox bug was fixed after 22 years. Next time someone asks me to fix something I'll reference this issue to manage expectations bug, firefox
How to see beauty - <3 beauty
Google will now make passkeys the default for personal accounts - Passkeys are on the rise passkeys
'A Good Way to Bank': Nationwide reveals its biggest rebrand in 30 years - A big rebrand in review. Looks pretty nice! redesign
The ultimate guide to React notification libraries - Includes overview of 10 react libraries react, notifications
Announcing v0: Generative UI - Vercels generative UI tool vercel, ai
SQL Reserved Words - Lots of checks and crosses, nevertheless a good overview ;) sql
The State of Vite - Slides from ViteConf 2023 vite, slides

Read it! Read it! Read it!

A student asked how I keep us innovative. I don't. - Nice wrap up innovation
Things I wish someone would have told me about configuring VSCode - 5 nice to know things about how to configure VSCode. vscode
How Stripe Creates the Best Documentation in the Tech Industry - I totally agree, Stripe's docs are outstanding. docs
Dotenv is dead - Good tips how to use the built-in .env support in Node v20 together with zod dotenv, node, zod

Code and Tools

Tints.dev - Palette Generator + API for Tailwind CSS tailwind, css, colors
Payload 2.0 - Announcing Payload 2.0: Postgres, Live Preview, Lexical RTE, and More cms
openapi-stack - Full stack typesafe API-first development for REST. api
autocomp.js - A super tiny Javascript autocomplete / autosuggestions library. Zero dependencies, ~800 bytes min+gzip. javascript, autocomplete
Dropbox Dash - Search all your apps. All your tabs. All in one place. search
Astro 3.3 - Picture component astro, images
Github hotkey - Trigger an action on an element with a keyboard shortcut. javascript, hotkey
Scalar - Beautiful API references from Swagger files docs, swagger, openapi
Nice Modal - A modal state manager for React. react, modals
Space OS - Web OS - looks promising! ui

All about Design

Animated backgrounds - A collection of looping 4K video backgrounds. Free to use for your next project. background, animated
Minimal Gallery - Curating beautiful & functional websites since 2013 websites, minimal
Godly - Astronomically good web design inspiration from all over the internet websites
Tailwind Elements - Top quality open-source UI Kit tailwind
The Future of CSS: Easy Light-Dark Mode Color Switching with light-dark() - New CSS utility function for light and dark mode css
durves.com - A tool for creating and exporting dot patterns for graphic designers, ui/ux and other visual professionals. dot patterns
Gradient Designer - Gradient designer with code generation. gradient, css
Box Shadows - Generate box shadows box shadows, css
CSS relative color syntax - Create new colors based on another color's channels and values. css, colors
Dropbox redesigns its web interface and releases AI-powered Dash in open beta - The new design is really a step forward. redesign
13 professional fonts: Top business typefaces for a polished look - Never heard of most of them, but good to know! fonts
Animation principles - Wow, wow, wow animation
Interviews about visual design - 26 Interviews about visual design visual design, interviews


Ask HN: Show me your half baked project - pet projects everywhere! side projects


Oort! - Play a game by writing rust code! rust
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