urban weekly #19

urban weekly #19

Good to know

24 Things I Know After 10 Years in Tech, I Wish I’d Known in Year 1 - Lessons learned and wisdom gained in the tech trenches. career
Write code for the web - That's more standard than any native os sdk web
Announcing Million 3 - I have a deja-vu, quickly looking at weeklyfoo #11 to verify that there was the last announcement about v3 ;) million, javascript
How to Favicon in 2024: Six files that fit most needs - Very detailed article about everything you need to know about favicons favicon
Browsers Are Weird Right Now - Short read about all the browsers out there. browsers
Tips to Help Yourself Stand Out During a Tech Job Search - Besides the basic all-known tipps there are some not so well-known hints you should consider. jobs, career
Scaling smoothly: RevenueCat’s data-caching techniques for 1.2 billion daily API requests - First time heard of the term thundering herds caches
Feature flags spaghetti // FFs missing features - Two good additions to make feature flag service providers better featureflags
How much uptime can I afford? - Good read about reliability. What means 99.5% vs 99.99%? uptime
PostgreSQL is Enough - Gist with lots of Postgres related tools. postgres
JavaScript in SVGs - Didn't know that you can embed javascript in svgs. javascript, svgs
From many to one: Moving our JavaScript code into a monorepo - I did the same step a year ago with a around 15 apps and packages, and I can totally recommend pnpm and turborepo monorepo
Vite 5.1 is out! - New minor release of Vite vite
What every dev should know about using Environment Variables - If you're not familiar with envvars read this article. Very good introduction to the topic. envvars
What type of interruptions impact developer productivity most? - Surprising: self-interruptions are more disruptive than external interruptions. productivity

Read it! Read it! Read it!

Command Line Interface Guidelines - An open-source guide to help you write better command-line programs, taking traditional UNIX principles and updating them for the modern day. cli
CSS is Logical - 15 points listed by Geoff Graham why CSS is logical. Quick read, and very true! css

Code and Tools

inspotype - Pairing fonts typography, fonts
Papermark - Papermark is an open-source document sharing infrastructure with built-in page analytics and custom domains. sharing
wxt - Next-gen Web Extension Framework extensions, browsers
panda css - CSS-in-JS with build time generated styles, RSC compatible, multi-variant support, and best-in-class developer experience javascript, css
web2pdf - CLI to convert Webpages to PDFs pdfs
NaturalSQL - A series of top performing Text to SQL LLMs llm
Mojo CSS - The Atomic CSS Framework for crafting gorgeous UIs without shipping any CSS. css
Servor - Dependency free file server for single page app development nodejs
Web Monetization - The Web Monetization API allows websites to automatically and passively receive payments from Web Monetization-enabled visitors. openpayments
Free Faces - Typefaces for free typography
MDX Editor - MDXEditor is an open-source React component that allows users to author markdown documents naturally. markdown
Tailwind CSS button collection - Discover a collection of Tailwind CSS buttons designed to enhance your website's look. css, tailwind, buttons
React Native Typescript Boilerplate - All-in-one React Native Typescript Boilerplate, Ready to Start reactnative, typescript
Knip - Find unused files, dependencies and exports in JavaScript and TypeScript projects javascript, typescript
SWC - Speedy Web Compiler - Rust-based platform for the Web tools
DotSlash - Simplified executable deployment cli, scripts, automation
LLRT - LLRT (Low Latency Runtime) is an experimental, lightweight JavaScript runtime designed to address the growing demand for fast and efficient Serverless applications. javascript, engine, aws
Shapefest - 100,000+ transparent PNG images of beautiful 3D objects. 3d, objects
kraftcloud - I first heard unikernels years ago at a conference, and here's a cloud offering for it. Looking forward to joining the beta. unikernels
denoflare - Deploy the same worker to Cloudflare, Deno Deploy, AWS Lambda, and Supabase Edge Functions. deployments
Wasp - Rails-like framework for React, Node.js and Prisma. Build your app in a day and deploy it with a single CLI command. framework, nodejs, react, prisma

All about Design

Designer news is dead - For many years, it was the best place on the internet to discuss designing and building software. designernews
InspoVault - Design inspirations inspirations
Art of Symbol - Nicely made! symbols
Safiro Font: Mastery in Font Design & Typography - Explore the elegance of Safiro font, a masterpiece in font design and typography, perfect for branding, editorial, and web design. fonts
Fountn - Design resources updated weekly resources


Weeks of your life - How time flies... weeks


Gooey effect - Thanks @jh3yy! css
How to create rounded gradient borders with any background in CSS - Looks nice! css


htmx deep dive w/carson gross - Unlisted video! htmx
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