urban weekly #16

urban weekly #16

Good to know

Designing better target sizes - An interactive guide that is all about enhancing the target size area with CSS. css
How Threads will integrate with the Fediverse - That's a loooong article, and I'll be honest: I haven't read everything in detail. But especially the <Why are Meta doing this?> section was funny. meta, fediverse
What's happening with StackOverflow? - Total questions on StackOverflow by year going dramatically down stackoverflow
The More Features You Add... - Haven't thought about that at any time, but makes totally sense to me. onboarding
To get promoted, get better at complexity, autonomy, and throughput - Well, it's not only these three things from my POV, but that's a great basis. career
We removed advertising cookies, here’s what happened - Cookieless tracking! tracking, analytics
npm in Review: A 2023 Retrospective on Growth, Security, and Quirky Facts - A look back, and some funny suprises. npm, 2023
11 g-docs features so good, you'll kick yourself if you didn't know - Rob Lennon shows nice tricks with google docs. gdocs
Hacker News undocumented - Some of the hidden norms about Hacker News not otherwise covered in the Guidelines and the FAQ. hackernews
Explicit Resource Management: Exploring JavaScript's and TypeScript's new feature - <await using something = await something()> explained javascript, typescript
Measuring Developer Productivity: Real-World Examples - A deepdive into developer productivity metrics used by Google, LinkedIn, Peloton, Amplitude, Intercom, Notion, Postman, and 10 other tech companies. productivity
Simple, visual example of how HTMX lets you reduce the amount of JavaScript you need to write. - Flavio shows advantages of htmx htmx
Passwordless: a different kind of hell? - A story about passwords passwords
why lowercase letters save data - I'm an absolute fan of writing everything in lowercase ;) and this article states why you should stick to either upper or lower case. compression
I regret selling my startup - A founder describing what happened after he selled his startup startup, life
The <Mom Test> in software development: asking good questions when everyone is lying to you - I enjoyed reading the book <The Mom Test> - this article arguments to use the mom test for product development. questions
Postgres password encryption without leaking credentials - Useful tipps if you're using postgres postgres, passwords
Scrollbar styling - No -webkit hazzle anymore! css, scrollbars
How CloudFlare Processes a Million Logs per Second - Interesting insights on how Cloudflare tackles lots of log files cloudflare, operations
Fastest http client for nodejs - It's undici, and I never used it. But maybe it#s worth trying it out, although I would prefer that fetch catches up. http, nodejs
Migrating from Zod to Valibot: A Comparative Experience - However, I like zods API more than Valibots zod, valibot
5 CSS snippets every front-end developer should know in 2024 - has, subgrids, nesting, balance, container query units css

Read it! Read it! Read it!

How fast is your shell? - Does it start in less than a second? shell
Microsoft taught Apple nothing - I love apple products, but the latest news go in the absolute wrong direction. Besides lots of twitter posts DHH writes down his thoughts in this article. apple
console.delight - I already knew that you can style texts in the browser console. But those examples in this post are awesome! browser, console

Code and Tools

Triplit - Triplit is an open-source database that syncs data between server and browser in real-time. databases
PhotoRoom - Create professional images for free with the most popular AI photo editor in the world. images
UI8 Avatars - Create 3D avatars avatars
Sutra - A JavaScript behavior tree library for easily creating and managing complex behavior patterns javascript
Surya - Accurate line-level text detection and recognition (OCR) in any language - I know, it's Python. But nevertheless maybe interesting. paython, ocr
tantivy - Tantivy is a full-text search engine library inspired by Apache Lucene and written in Rust rust, search
AI Gateway - A Blazing Fast AI Gateway. Route to 100+ LLMs with 1 fast & friendly API. ai
Tinybench - A simple, tiny and lightweight benchmarking library! typescript, benchmarks
wacat - Tests your web application against cat chaos typescript, tests
Neets - Time to speech service tts
maybe - Personal finance and wealth management app finance
Floorp - Floorp is built on Firefox and was built in Japan and is a new browser with excellent privacy & flexibility. browsers, firefox
Heynote - A dedicated scratchpad for developers editors
Glide Data Grid - A react data grid with no compromises, outrageous performance, rich rendering and full TypeScript support. react, grid, table
React Image Crop - A responsive image cropping tool for React react, images, crop
Create Rust App - Set up a modern rust+react web app by running one command. react, rust
json-viewer - Display JSON data in a readable and user-friendly format. react, json
Fuse - Aggregate all your data sources and transform them into a great API for your clients with many best practices built-in for you—fully typesafe from data source to client query. api
Fast-csv - CSV parser and formatter for node csv, typescript
Heat.js - A powerful heatmap lib visualization, javascript
worker-timers - A replacement for setInterval() and setTimeout() which works in unfocused windows. javascript, workers
nanopop - Minimalistic, small, positioning engine. Build for high-performance, minimal footprint and maximum control over positioning behavior. typescript
fern - Deliver Stripe-level SDKs and Docs docs, sdk
WhisperSpeech - An Open Source text-to-speech system built by inverting Whisper. text-to-speech, tts
react email - A collection of high-quality, unstyled components for creating beautiful emails using React and TypeScript. email, typescript, react
Resend - Email for developers emails

All about Design

Grids and key shapes - Embracing order, one pixel at a time grids, shapes
16 Lesser Known Accessibility Issues - Short and to the point. a11y
Gen Z Attention Spans? Meet the UX Design Hacks That Win Them Over - Things in UX are shifting for GenZ genz, ux
paaatterns - Free collection of beautiful patterns for all vector formats shapes, vector
5 Costly Branding Mistakes - Didn't know of the Colgate case, but it's - disturbing brands
Clear patterns to establish a culture of craft - Twitter thread that describes observations made about teams in high quality products. products, culture


Ask HN: What is the current driver of tech layoffs? - Lots of layoffs again. layoffs
Ask HN: Who else is working on nothing? - - sideprojects
Ask HN: Why am I suddenly unemployable? - - hiring


Compressing Text into Images - Terence Eden compresses Romeo and Juliet into an image and the result is smaller in size than uncompressed text. compressing
Decode the identity - game: you get hints like colors and shapes and need to name the correct brand. brands
Can't Unsee - Rate which design is the correct one. design
Girl with a Pearl Earring parodies are the internet's latest art obsession - AI and trad art combine for delightful silliness. ai


Tab Controls with CSS - Thanks @jh3yy! css
Getting Started with Axum - Rust's Most Popular Web Framework - If you're new to Rust like me, such articles are gold! rust, axum
Grid by Example - Everything you need to learn CSS Grid Layout css, grid
Transcribe audio to text on Cloudflare Workers with AssemblyAI and TypeScript - In this tutorial, you'll learn how to create an application that transcribes the audio files (and video files) to text. You'll create a TypeScript backend on top of Cloudflare Workers and use the AssemblyAI APIs to transcribe the audio. cloudflare, assemblyai, ai
Change scrollbar position - Thanks @jh3yy! css
How to center an element in CSS without adding a wrapper in HTML - Another article to solve the problem of centering elements in css css
Learn SVG by drawing an arrow - If you ever wanted to draw elements programatically in svg, try this article. svgs
Compiling a standalone executable using modern JavaScript/TypeScript runtimes - If you want to create a standalone exec bun, nodejs, deno
as const to union of routes - It's always insane for me to see the thins Matt is doing. typescript


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