urban weekly #15

urban weekly #15

Good to know

2023 JavaScript Rising Stars - It's also nice to look back, for example the 2016 rising stars :) javascript
The Ten Commandments of Refactoring - Ten times Thou! tests
How To Write - maybe you've already enough of those posts, but this one is quickly read and adds topics on point. writing
The package that broke NPM (accidentally) - The story behing the <everything> npm package that stressed npm npm
Bringing React Native libraries to Apple Vision Pro - Vision Pro and React Native - I'm already very keen to see what people will create for the Vision Pro apple, visionpro, react
LLMs and Programming in the first days of 2024 - I know, the blog is not on https, but the article is really good, though very long! llm
missing the point of webassembly - Good story about how to describe webassembly. wasm
Common mistakes with the Next.js App Router and how to fix them - I'm not using nextjs, but I believe this is quite interesting if you're making use of App Router. nextjs
The True Purpose of Testing - <You write tests to validate the intention behind the system.> tests
Publishing your work increases your luck - For every snarky comment, there are 10x as many people admiring your work publishing
Software Quality - Google approach to not only measure things like time-to-review to get a better view on the software quality quality
MikroORM 6: Polished - Next major release of MikroORM orm
How to build your own SaaS business - Includes some good practical advices saas, creator
The two kinds of writing - Basically to (1) formalise your thoughts, and (2) to connect with people. writing
It’s Humans All the Way Down - Good quick read about that AI won't easily replace all the humans. ai
Where have all the websites gone? - Curate the web! curation
How Discord Serves 15-Million Users on One Server - Deep dive into how Discord uses BEAM and Elixir to scale. discord
Load Balancing Algorithms Explained Visually - Back to school! If you forgot about (weighted) round robin and the other algorithms take a look at this article. loadbalancer, algorithms
Product Management is broken, a change is coming - Product management and engineering, sketched how it could work better together. pm, engineering
Aim, fire, scan: the 80/20 of executing on big projects - At least for me some new perspectives on how to execute big projects projects
PostgreSQL is the DBMS of the Year 2023 - Quick note - Postgres it is! postgres
Docusaurus 3.1 - Next minor release of Docusaurus docusaurus
The most hearted codepens of 2023 - <3 codepens
Frontend predictions for 2024 - Not only predictions, but also a quick 2023 in review. predictions, 2024
Responsive SVGs - Oh wow, response svgs, that's cool! svgs
I quit my job to work full time on my open source project - Loving those stories. oss
Is htmx Just Another JavaScript Framework? - Article by one of the htmx maintainers. htmx
Who's using Expo OSS in 2024 - List of > 1500 apps that are using Expo. Hopefully that wasn't done totally manual! expo
Build Real-time Applications with the new watch API in Deno KV - Nice addition to Deno KV deno
GitHub Actions as a time-sharing supercomputer - That's an interesting approach to handle async tasks. github

Read it! Read it! Read it!

Weird things engineers believe about Web development - It's the first time I read this post, didn't know of the version from 2022. And wow, this blog post is really good. web, dev
The Ultimate Guide for Making the Best Career Choices in Tech - First time read about the Hierarchy of Career Priorities. Nothing totally new to me, but nice to see it put into a framework. career

Code and Tools

Nitro - Create, build and deploy universal web servers. The open engine powering Nuxt and open to everyone. server, typescript
csvlens - Command line csv viewer csv
better-commits - A CLI for creating better commits following the conventional commit guidelines. git, cli
htmx playground - Play with html in your browser htmx, playground
Dazzle UI Icons - Beautifully crafted UI icons, ready for your next project. icons
unDraw - Illustrations for free download illustrations
What PWA Can Do Today - A showcase of what is possible with Progressive Web Apps today. That's really cool since I already playing around a lot with the possibilities of PWAs. pwa
CopilotKit - Build in-app AI chatbots 🤖, and AI-powered Textareas ✨, into react web apps. react, copilot
Polars - It's like python pandas written in rust! rust, dataframes
Kartiv - Turn product descriptions into compelling visuals with ease and speed. ai, descriptions
QR Code Generator - Create Custom & Trackable QR Codes qr
GitUI - A git ui for your terminal - already won the game because the owners name is extrawurst! git, cli
htmlparser2 - The fast & forgiving HTML and XML parser parser, html, xml
Umzug - Framework agnostic migration tool for Node.js migrations
Dependency cruiser - Validate and visualize dependencies. npm, dependencies
Quickwit - Cloud-native search engine for observability. An open-source alternative to Datadog, Elasticsearch, Loki, and Tempo. search
Auto Wiki - Automatically generated docs for any public Github repo. docs, ai
svghub - A library of over 70 custom-color elements ready to paste into your project. svgs
Ladybird Browser - Oh, learned about ladybird this week. Looks super promising, and they provide updates on a monthly basis. browser, ladybird
CSS Hooks - Hooks bring advanced CSS capabilities to native inline styles, with extremely minimal runtime, no build steps, and a tiny CSS footprint. css
remoteStorage - remoteStorage is a simple library that combines the localStorage API with a remote server to persist data across browsers and devices. storage
Dark Visitors - A list of known AI agents on the internet ai, blocking
vanilla-extract - Use TypeScript as your preprocessor. Write type‑safe, locally scoped classes, variables and themes, then generate static CSS files at build time. typescript, css
gron - Make JSON greppable! cli, json, grep
Atuin - Sync, search and backup shell history with Atuin cli, atuin
Moodboard Creator - Moodboard Creator helps designers to ditch the blank page and spark their creativity by generating stunning moodboards from simple inputs. ai, mood
mutative - Efficient immutable updates, 2-6x faster than naive handcrafted reducer, and more than 10x faster than Immer. typescript
Expo - Create universal native apps with React that run on Android, iOS, and the web. react, expo, nativeapps
fsx - A modern filesystem API for JavaScript nodejs, javascript
zip.js - A JavaScript library to zip and unzip files zip, javascript
Penrose - Create beautiful diagrams just by typing notation in plain text. graphs, diagrams
Excalidraw - Virtual whiteboard for sketching hand-drawn like diagrams whiteboard
Firecamp - Postman alternative api
Hanko - Auth lib supporting Passkeys auth, passkeys
zrok - ngrok alternative http, proxy
Website Evidence Collector - The tool Website Evidence Collector (WEC) automates the website evidence collection of storage and transfer of personal data. eu, privacy

All about Design

The Top 10 Cities for Artists in the World: Where Creativity Thrives - Five cities from Europe, that's nice artists
A look at the future of Midjourney - I'm so impressed by the text to image progress. ai, midjourney
Clicks is a BlackBerry-style iPhone keyboard case designed for creators - They already got me by the handles of the creators: MrMobile and CrackBerry iphone
Design better pagination - Pagination UI best practices and complex considerations pagination
Competitive Usability Evaluations - Data on what works well or poorly on other sites saves you from implementing useless features and guides UX investments to features that your users need. usability, evaluations
Spin - Replicate your production environment locally using Docker. infra, docker, bash
The Perfect Webpage - How the internet reshaped itself around Google’s search algorithms - a beautiful crafted web page with lots of content. seo, google
58 rules for beautiful UI design - The right UI can elevate an application from functional to unforgettable, making the difference between a user who engages once and one who returns time and again. ux, ui
Experimental On-Scroll Text Animations with SVG Clip-Path - That's gorgeous <3 animations


Direction-Aware Mickey Mouse - I'm always suprised and excited what people can do with html, css and js. codepen
Drawing Garden - Try it out! browsergame


Slack AI - This directory contains code on how to build your own Slack AI to chat with the unstructured data lying in your slack channels. slack, ai
Next AI News - HackerNews rewritten in nextjs - not really a tutorial, but you get working examples of AppRouter, ... nextjs


HTMX For React Developers in 10 Minutes - The hype goes on! htmx
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