urban weekly #12

urban weekly #12

Good to know

Database Fundamentals - Deep dive into databanse fundamentals databases
Why multi-cloud: the 5 best reasons, according to experts - I was also confronted with this questions a lot of times. So here are some good reasons. multi-cloud
Oxlint General Availability - According to the docs the linter is 50x to 100x faster than ESlint. linters
Transaction Isolation in Postgres, explained - Good deep dive! sql, postgres
React Tricks: Fast, Fit and Fun - Lessons and hacks learned from developing a micro-library react
More product, fewer PMs - How to make teams product oriented product
Node.js Best Practices - If you're building Node.js applications, you find lots of tipps in this repo. nodejs
Projects - Lessons learned from building personal projects side projects
Saying goodbye to third-party cookies in 2024 - No more 3rd party cookies cookies
On this day in 1994, Netscape Navigator 1.0 started the web we know today - Netscape Navigator was the world's first web browser developed for commercial purposes, and it dominated the market until Internet Explorer came out. netscape
Getting started with Web Performance - LCP, INP, CLS, ... performance
Three modern CSS properties your website must have - Let's explore three lesser-known CSS secrets that can help you fixing some UI problems on your website. css
Web Performance Calendar - Ten optimisation tips for an initial web performance audit performance
Apple Planning to Launch Vision Pro by February - February it is! apple, vision pro
date-fns v3 is out! - Major release of the popular date/time library date-fns
Midjourney V6 is here with in-image text and completely overhauled prompting - The generated images look amazing. ai, midjourney
The Year in Computer Science - Artificial intelligence learned how to generate text and art better than ever before, while computer scientists developed algorithms that solved long-standing problems. ai
A Crash Course on Caching Fundamentals - All about caching caching
Google OAuth is broken (sort of) - This is a fascinating outline of some Google oauth kind of issues. security, google, oauth
Deep Cloning Objects in JavaScript, the Modern Way - Use structured clone! javascript
Introducing the new Wasmer JS SDK - I'm super excited about that, and hopefully some great wasm libs arise! wasm
Advice for new software devs who've read all those other advice essays - From a person who really shouldn't be giving others advice. advice, job
End of Year Pay Report 2023 - Levels.fyi's annual compensation report. View top paying companies, cities, titles & other trends. report

Read it! Read it! Read it!

The Pragmatic Engineer in 2023 - The articles you enjoyed most this year, my personal favorites, and a recap of an unusually turbulent year in tech. 2023

Code and Tools

svgl - SVG Logos svg
codapi - Interactive code examples for documentation, education and fun. docs, code
Puck - Puck empowers developers to build amazing visual editing experiences into their own React applications, powering the next generation of content tools, no-code builders and WYSIWYG editors. react, wysiwyg
Gemini Pro Chat - Minimal web UI for GeminiPro. ai, gemini
Inpaint-web - A free and open-source inpainting & image-upscaling tool powered by webgpu and wasm on the browser images
Wireflow - Wireflow is free, online and open source tool for creating beautiful user flow prototypes. user flows
Visual Electric - An image generator that's built fir the creative process. images, ai
UX Repo - Resources to help you craft exceptional user experiences ux
DeviceScript - TypeScript for Tiny IoT Devices typescript, iot
React Aria - Over 40 components with built-in behavior, adaptive interactions, top-tier accessibility, and internationalization out of the box, ready for your styles. react, components
Animista - Pre-made css animations, and a really nice app animations

All about Design

Prettyfolio - Curating top 1% portfolios on the internet. websites
bentogrids - Websites using bento grids bento
OGimage.gallery - Collection of great og images of websites og
Best Product Design Books - The user experience team of one is on my list now. books
Designing Perfect Tabs - If you ever want to design your own tabs, read this post. tabs
Checklist Design - A collection of the best design practices. checklist
Heroicons Micro: What are these, icons for ants? - New micro style for Heroicons icons
UX/UI Design Trends Going Into 2024 - Not super suprising, but: Bento trends


Simple sabotage for software - So good! sabotage
Using date-based CSS to make old web pages *look* old - lol css


TypeScript Origins: The Documentary - TS! typescript
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