urban weekly #11

urban weekly #11

Good to know

A deep dive into CPU requests and limits in Kubernetes - CPU requests and limits, if you want to learn more about it, read it. k8s
You are never taught how to build quality software - Talk about money! qa
Mistral AI, a Paris-based OpenAI rival, closed its $415 million funding round - Valuated at roughly $2 billion ai, mistral
10 GitHub Repos to Improve as a Backend Engineer - Good list nodejs, backend
Under Pressure: Benchmarking Node.js on a Single-Core EC2 - Detailed insights about hammering a nodejs app nodejs, ec2
Bash One-Liners for LLMs - Nothing to add... bash, ai, llm
Announcing Million 3.0 - Next major version of Million.js million.js
Every engineer should understand git reflog - Didn't know it exists ;) git
Announcing SvelteKit 2 - Next major version of SvelteKit svelte
Should you add screenshots to documentation? - Pros and cons for using screenshots in your docs. screenshots, docs
Interviewing my mother, a mainframe COBOL programmer - COBOL!!! cobol
Deleting 50,000 Lines of Code in 3 Days - One of the most joyful tasks in software engineering: deleting code code
pypush - Cross-platform iMessage POC iMessage

Read it! Read it! Read it!

All my favorite tracing tools: eBPF, QEMU, Perfetto, new ones I built and more - Great article on tracing tools tracing
10 hard-to-swallow truths they won't tell you about software engineer job - Super nice read job
You don't need JavaScript for that - Super nice article, there's also a native element for a color picker. javascript, html, css

Code and Tools

CSS-peeps - Notion like avatar in CSS css, avatars
esm.sh - Fast smart global esm cdn esm, cdn
npm Downloads - Nice tool to check how often versions of npm packages have been downloaded. npm, stats
Rot - Future Proof Secrets Management. secrets
huh - A simple, powerful library for forms and prompts in the terminal cli, terminal
Screely - Upgrade screenshots screenshots
SecureAI Tools - Private and secure AI tools for everyone's productivity. ai
Name Checker - Find out if your project name is taken names
Croner - Schedule jobs in node nodejs, crons
Nuekit - Static site generator websites
Freepik Pikaso - AI drawing ai
Color Lisa - Color palette masterpieces colors
seroval - Stringify JS values javascript
Spacetime - date/time library with a nice landing page! javascript, date, time
AutoAnimate - Add motion to your apps with a single line of code. animations
GitHut 2.0 - A small place to discover languages in Github languages, github
Avartion - Notion-like avatars avatars

All about Design

Why carousels don't work - Rethinking the Carousel: A User Experience Perspective carousel
The 14 Worst Fonts in the World - I like Comic Sans ;) fonts
trending.design - The best design inspiration on X trends
DS events - Design events summarized events
Who is responsible for the impact of innovative products? - How can it be that a) all products are designed, b) designers want to create something good for the world and c) so many products are total garbage? responsibility
How design works at Supabase - I always like to read such insights. supabase


Learn Morse Code - Little nice website morse
Procedural Planets - Implemented with three.js javascript, three.js


SVG Tutorial - Learn to code SVG images step by step in HTML css, html
Making SVG Loading Spinners: An Interactive Guide - Something everyone needs spinner, svg
Node.js, TypeScript and ESM: it doesn't have to be painful - Thanks Alejandro! nodejs, typescript, esm
You can use mask-composite and some JavaScript to create this pointer proximity following glow border - Thanks jhey! css
A beautiful bit of TypeScript to turn an array into a keyed object - Thanks @mattpocockuk! typescript
You can use custom properties to control motion rate in your transitions and animations - Thanks @jh3yy! css
TIP: add the `data-1p-ignore` attribute to your input field to disable 1Password on it ✖︎ - Thanks Flavio! html, 1password
Prompt engineering - Good introduction in the OpenAI docs ai, prompts
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