urban weekly #10

urban weekly #10

Good to know

The 500 Highest Paying Companies (for Software Engineers) - The top 500 highest paying companies based on median software engineer total comp on levels.fyi as of 12/1/23. jobs
A Tech Conference Listed Fake Speakers for Years: I Accidentally Noticed - For 3 years straight, the DevTernity conference listed non-existent software engineers representing Coinbase and Meta as featured speakers. When were they added and what could have the motivation been? fake, conference
What happens when cookie banners are poorly designed? - An examination of cookie popups and why they should be designed cookies
Spotify jumps after saying it will cut 17% of workforce — read the full memo from CEO Daniel Ek - That's about 1500 jobs spotify
How Google takes the pain out of code reviews, with 97% dev satisfaction - A study of Google's code review tooling (Critique), AI-powered improvements, and recent statistics google review
Are Passkeys really the beginning of the end of passwords? I certainly hope not! - Opinion about passkeys, essentially it's about a lock-in to an OS passkeys
Getting better feedback on your work - Feedback is important feedback
Leading Successful Product Teams - 17 tipps teams, collab
Examples of Great URL Design - If you struggle with good url design, check this blog post. urls
12 lessons from 5 years of running a tech meetup - Great lessons! meetups
Firefox on the brink? - The Big Three may effectively be down to a Big Two, and right quick. firefox
What is JWT? - New to JSON web token? Read this. jwt
Introducing StyleX - StyleX takes the developer experience of CSS-in-JS libraries and uses compile-time tooling to bridge it with the performance and scalability of static CSS. react, css
Astro 4.0 - Next major release of Astro astro
JSONB has landed - More performant json functions for SQLite dbs sqlite, json
How to Build a Personal Brand as a Developer - Why more and more developers are investing in building a strong personal brand? The benefits may worth the trouble! personal brand
Bring code from other platforms into the browser - wasm ftw! wasm
vitest 1.0.0 - Major release of vitest! vitest
Storybook 7.6 - Minor release of Storybook storybook
Introducing the ngrok JavaScript SDK - Oh, that's neat for a lots of use cases! ngrok, javascript
The Complete Puppeteer Cheatsheet - The overview I was always looking for. puppeteer
I replaced npm, yarn and nvm with pnpm - Did the same some months ago, didn't regret! pnpm
Engineers' Guide to Feedback - Nothing really new, but a good sumup from my PoV feedbacks
Mounting git commits as folders with NFS - Nice hint how to go through your git commits git

Code and Tools

PocketBase - Open Source backend for your next SaaS and Mobile app in 1 file backend, saas
lemon squeezy - Payments, tax & subscriptions for software companies payment, subscriptions
quicktype - JSON to (TypeScript) structs typescript
SVG viewBox - A creative coding lesson. How the SVG ViewBox works svg
Onsites.fyi - Learn from hundreds of real tech interview experiences! interviews
type hero - Connect, collaborate, and grow with a community of TypeScript developers. typescript
lowstorage - Simple, zero-dependency, object pseudo-database for Cloudflare Workers using R2 bucket. cloudflare, r2, databases
Flair.ai - The AI design tool for product photoshoots ai, images
unsloth - 5X faster 50% less memory LLM finetuning ai, llm
tldts - JavaScript Library to extract domains, subdomains and public suffixes from complex URIs. tlds, domains
Loco - The one-person framework for Rust for side-projects and startups rust, framework
Rive - Build interactive animations that run anywhere ai, images, animations
Pravatar - Avatar placeholders avatars
Emoji Cloud - A gateway to vector emojis emojis, vector
UI Skeleton Gallery - A free customizable collection of SVG skeleton loader UI elements for design wireframes & mockups. skeletons
TSDiagram - Automatically create diagrams from you interfaces. typescript
culori - Color functions for JavaScript javascript, colors
perfume.js - Web performance library for measuring all performance vitals metrics javascript, performance
standard-webhooks - The Standard Webhooks specification webhooks
Three Decades of HTML - Really? Already three decades? Time flies... html
CSS Wrapped: 2023! - There was lots of traction in css this year! css
UI Library - Lots of references to cool tools ui, links
Patterned.ai - Create nice patterns with AI ai, patterns
fleece - A fast JSON compatible alternative json
Winglang - Wing combines infrastructure and runtime code in one language, enabling developers to stay in their creative flow, and to deliver better software, faster and more securely. infra
done - Self-hosted message queue for Deno Deploy deno, queue

All about Design

Design Systems Database - All the big design systems design-systems


How did I get here? - See all the network points you used to get to this site. network
Timenames - Timenames provides you with a unique name for each second of the day. names
Linux is getting its own Blue Screen of Death - Oh dear /o\ linux, windows


You can create these landing page effects with CSS scroll-driven animations and zero JavaScript 🔥 - Thanks @jh3yy! css
On-Scroll Sliced Text Animation - A scroll-triggered sliced text animation, where segmented elements reunite while scrolling. css
Making noisy SVGs - Adding noise texture with only code svgs
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Adam Urban is fullstack engineer, loves serverless and generative art, and is building side projects like weeklyfoo.com, flethy.com and diypunks.xyz in his free time.